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SWOT/Corporate Vulnerability Assessment | Assignment Help Online

The E-MCC is a renowned media company and is often likened to other media outlets, such as CNN, Telemundo, and the BBC. The company’s untainted image and reporting integrity contribute to the firm’s unrelenting accomplishments. The firm upholds its outstanding position in the market by essentially examining and reviewing the SWOT analysis.  SWOT assessment is an extremely interactive procedure and necessitates effective organization amongst various units in the company. Despite the company exhibiting various strengths that contribute to its success, the company exhibits various vulnerabilities.

Demographic Distribution of Employees

One of the vulnerabilities involves the demographic distribution of employees. 90% of every employee assigned to the head office was considered to be Caucasian.  5% were Asian, and the remaining 5% were Hispanic/Latino, all allocated and contracted for not more than two years. Moreover, out of the 500 personnel allocated to the corporation, only 1% of the workforce was black.  This is a vulnerability because a lack of efficient demographic distribution taints the company’s image and reputation.

Lack of Promotion

Another vulnerability involves a lack of promotion. A job promotion is a method of adding extra duties to a worker and is a key form of enhancing employee morale and confidence. In this case, all 5 Black personnel were allocated to E-MCC’s Antarctica unit irrespective of the black’s academic enrolment. Despite being at the corporation for more than five years, none have been promoted or interchanged to another unit, exhibiting no indications of development or rising mobility. Lack of development prospects is the most commonly cited cause for personnel to start looking for new jobs in other companies.

Disparate Treatment

Another known vulnerability involves disparate treatment. A company that enables or allows disparate treatment and other intolerant practices at their firm is likely to face legal, monetary, and cultural penalties. Based on the case study, African American employees sought to file a lawsuit against the company for disparate treatment, lack of promotion opportunities, and discrimination. This is considered a vulnerability because it is likely to damage the company’s reputation, also resulting in likely penalties and legal consequences.


I believe that disparate treatment is the greatest vulnerability. It does not only cost the business, but it likewise leads to bad publicity, possibly destroying the reputation of the corporation. Moreover, personnel are discouraged and skeptical towards leadership when they encounter disparate treatment. Generally, failure to address disparate treatment reduces the company’s productivity.


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