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SWOT- Coca Cola Paper | Custom Assignment Help


Coca Cola is a brand that is known widely around the world. The brand has an extensive global reach. According to Business Strategy Hub (2020), its products exist in at least 200 countries. Due to its popularity, customers have remained loyal to this brand. Its products have a unique taste that each customer identifies with and it becomes difficult for customers to go for other products (Frue, 2016). These are the strengths the Company use to sell their products and gain profit.


One of the weaknesses that Coca Cola has is that it faces stiff competition. As Frue (2016) says, Pepsi has introduced other revenue-generating products, unlike Coca-Cola who only deals with beverages. The company is yet to come up with healthier drinks as they deal with carbonated drinks. These drinks have become a concern to people as they believe they cause diseases such as diabetes.


Opportunities are available for Coca Cola Company to utilize. For instance, they can introduce other products to boost their revenue. The Company can expand its supply to countries with a hot climate where its products are likely to be consumed regularly. Packaging of more drinking water will end the criticism of only packing unhealthy drinks (Business Strategy Hub, 2020). These strategic factors will see the Company increase its revenue.


Coca Cola Company faces threats from many factors. Given that they use water to make their products, they will be in trouble if water became a rare product. Apart from Pepsi, the company faces stiff competition from other companies, either directly or indirectly. The company’s mode of packaging has been criticized by Greenspace. The department claims that it is a threat to the environment (Business Strategy Hub, 2020). These threats may hinder the company’s development if the problems are not addressed.

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