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Sunnis and the Shia Conflict | Top Homework Help

The Sunni and Shia disagreement has resulted in global seminars that aim to resolve the disputes between both units and similarly war and violence that has extended in various continents. The Sunni and Shai war originates from centuries ago. According to Wehrey (2017), the initial split amongst the Sunni and Shai transpired in the year 632 following the demise of Prophet Muhammad.

Reaction to the Conflict

Principally, a small group suggested that an individual correlated to Muhammad ought to succeed him. As a result, this benefited Muhammad’s son-in-law. On the other hand, one more group assumed that the community’s influential person ought to be the leader. The Sunnis were in support of an influential leader. Even though the Shia desired Muhammad’s son-in-law to be the Muslim leader, the Sunnis succeeded, and the initial caliph was selected. Even though the dispute between the Sunni and Shia has primarily been because of leadership, additional aspects have fuelled the war into its sustained existence. Shia, on the other hand, identifies either seven or twelve Imams for divine and political direction.

Practical Principles of Leadership

Based on the Sunni and Shia conflict, various practical leadership principles may be incorporated into a religious or non-profit organization. For instance, outstanding leadership is about the influence levels and not the power. Individuals first obey a leader and his vision. If individuals are not loyal, they may not be dedicated to the idea. It is essential to possess a high level of influence compared to authority. In this case, an individual’s authority influence is authority.

The purpose of Da’wah

According to Wehrey (2017), Da’wah signifies the issuance of a summon, an invite, or a call in the Arab language. This denotes the evangelization of Islam and the appeal of submitting to Allah. In the Islamic religion, the resolution of Da’wah is inviting people, both Muslims, and non-Muslims, to comprehend the devotion of God as articulated in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad and informing them regarding Muhammad. Currently, the practice of Da’wah differs significantly from group to group. At the same time, while being engaged in Da’wah, Muslims profit from adhering to various Islamic processes. They include listening, being friendly, carefully choosing time, dialogue, and not dwelling on practical aspects.

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