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Summary: The Skinny on Obesity | Best Assignment Writers

Episode one has focused on the growing trend of the obesity epidemic globally and how it has been linked to individuals are growing extremely fat in the last few years. Considerably, many people, both adults, and infants, have grown overweight, leading to a public health issue that influences everyone. Obesity has gone beyond individual responsibility since there are external forces influencing obesity.

Episode two has shown the overabundance of sugar in the currently processed convenience foods. The episode has also explained how the body metabolizes these sugars the same way toxins and alcohol do, thus damaging the liver and other body organs. Putting fat and carbohydrates in the same food has been the reason for increased obesity. The only food that has food and carbohydrate in the same food is sugar. Processed foods have sugar, which is toxic to metabolism, creating a toxic environment.

Episode three has illustrated how the vicious cycle of hunger and hormones has resulted in increased sugar consumption. One of the hormones that have influenced obesity is the leptin hormone. The leptin hormone regulates energy balance through inhibiting hunger, thus preventing fat storage. However, leptin resistance has led to changes in individual fat storage since there is a reduction in calories burnt and more hunger.

Episode four indicates that sugar is not only sweet but also addictive. The reason why people are eating more is the lack of leptin activity.  The biochemistry signals that have influenced the brain are the leptin and the reward system. Therefore, the cycle of sugar addiction has affected the brain leading to obesity through hyper reward from sugars similar to other addictive components.

Episode five focused on how obesity has been passed from the mother to the fetus. Ideally, infants lay down their fats before they are born through insulin. The baby’s insulin depends on the mother’s diet. This has shown the need to focus on preventive and pre-natal health since young women are shaping the future generation’s health.

Episode six is based on the pace of modern life and its impact on the epidemic of obesity. Modern life has no time for food, increasing the consumption of fast foods with high sugar levels. Stress has also been a significant contributor to the current obesity epidemic. High stress, such as work and health conditions, have shifted actions, behaviors, appetite, stimulated consumption, insulin resistance, and general obesity. For instance, stress leads to hunger and turns the brain pathway, making an individual crave dense calories. However, changing individual relationships with food is essential in reducing obesity.

Episode seven has argued that the country’s agricultural policy and food industry directly impact obesity. This is because they have made it possible for individuals to consume high sugars in their daily diet. Therefore, there is a need for policy changes that will influence the diet, thus avoid exposure to obesity.

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