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Summary of the Skinny on Obesity | Homework Help Online

Well-known pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig, the writer of the viral address Sugar: The Bitter Truth, has devoted most of his skilled career to searching for the responses, and the movie The Skinny on Obesity offers an eye-opening outline of his substantial attempts in the research field. For Dr. Lustig and his associates, obesity is considered as the modern epidemic. Dr. Lustig believes that the main reasons people face this epidemic can be summed up in a single statement: a calorie is a calorie (Carson Bates, & Tomasson, 2014). In his standpoint, a mass-scale gain of weight exceeds this excessively one-dimensional equation.

As an alternative, obesity is profoundly entrenched in the cultural and ecological aspects that have functioned to redefine humans’ existence in recent years. Industrialized nutrition is intended to offer rapid and inexpensive food and comprises unfamiliar elements and chemicals mass-produced in extremely lucrative food laboratories. These products prosper in the universal market as they serve a culture that favours handiness over healthy nutrition and inactive lifestyles over physical exercises.

Beyond every other consideration, the one aspect that demonstrates the most damaging to well-being is sugar. Sugar is predominant in foods that promote low-calorie substances, as they are frequently utilized to complement a absence of taste. Consequently, the high sugar measurements in most processed foodstuffs verify that calories are certainly not only calories. Dr. Lustig states that sugar fifty times more intoxicating than whole calories clarifies the rate of diabetes globally.   Likewise, it is the key cause in the growth of metabolic syndrome and the resultant cases of Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, dementia, and cancer. The Skinny on Obesity provides substantial arguments on sugar’s hazards and provides ways of combating its protruding risk to people’s health.

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