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Stress Management

What are some of the benefits of Stress Management?

Globally, stress is a major health problem with fatal health consequences, when it is now managed. Problems such as suicide, depression, cardiovascular diseases among others can arise as a result of stress. Lehman et al (2021) depicts that, although some kinds of stress are healthy, prolonged stress can be hazardous.  Therefore, it is necessary for individuals to take necessary precautions to avoid stressful situations, or at least come up with means to manage stressful situations whenever they occur. The ability to manage stress comes with several benefits

  • Managing the pressure surrounding you, helps you sleep better, for physical and mental relaxation, as well as healthy growth and development.
  • Handling a stressful situation increases chances of better connections with friends and family. Getting along with people improves oneself (Lehman et al, 2021). People give you hope, share with your problems and help you cope with the current mishaps.
  • Stress management minimizes chances of illnesses. We are all aware that stress can cause weight related diseases as well as cardiovascular infections (Lehman et al, 2021). Dealing with stress ensures that such risks are eliminated or reduced.

What are some of the obstacles to performing Stress Management strategies?

Stress is more experienced by within different firms and environments affecting the relationship between juniors and their seniors. When it comes to laying strategies to deal with such stress, various barriers are experienced. They include

  • Limited access to the senior persons with better benefits being assigned to those who are higher at the hierarchy. As much as the juniors want to manage the pressure that is put on them, it becomes almost impossible.
  • Lack of commitment from the parties involved. One party may be fully committed to help the other party, but lack of cooperation hinders stress management.

What are some techniques that you have successfully utilized to manage your own stress? How often do you use these techniques?  Describe some of the benefits you have experienced.

  • Realizing that I am stressed and taking a break to relax and calm down. Noticing that I am tensed and diverting my attention from it, gives me ample time to think over things and come up with a temporary if not a lasting solution.
  • Taking a nature walk, while listening to my favorite music, gives me the chance to appreciate the kindness of Mother Nature, and I stop focusing only on the things pressuring me.
  • Talking out my situation with a friend. A problem shared is half-solved. Sharing my problem with a close, loyal friend, partly reliefs me off my burden and I feel less stressed.

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