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Part One

The website is for a start-up catering company that specializes in small parties for home or office. Below is the structure of the site and the file structure which will be used in the website development. The background color for the site will be Light blue RGB (170, 191, 228). The font color will mainly be: Dark blue RGB (8, 66, 130), whereas the link color, will be Green RGB (15, 131, 15). As for the Visited Link Color, the preferred color will be Purple RGB (140, 40, 142). There will be added about designs for the site as it progresses to match the consumers’ needs.

For the file structure, each section of the site will be in its folder. The pages will be linked to each other, with the main page being the “Home” page. The files will be structured so that any viewer visiting the site can easily move from one site to another. The pages will be listed on the top of the site, where one will click any of the sub-menus to visit a given site. The sub-menus will include the company’s home page, the menu, and the” About” details of the company. The menu section of the site will contain images of foods and drinks that the company will be offering to the consumers. It will also contain images of fast events and functions that the company has offered to its consumers to create more attention. In the about section, the information regarding the firm’s data and what it specializes in. The section will also have the firm’s contact details, including the phone number, location, and social media platforms.

Part Two

File Structure

Each section of the site belongs in its own folder. The illustration below shows how the pages are linked to each other. It also demonstrates where the pages are located in the webserver. The linked folder below holds the CSS and JavaScript files and is indicated to give one a complete view of the structure. The underscore (_) in front of the name means the file is not visible when one enters the name in the URL.


















Figure 1 The structure of the website

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