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The current project would benefit from a fluid layout as it allows a website to contracts or expands depending on the devices current viewport. The layout would also help facilitate the usability of the website across multiple devices. To test for compatibility with various devices, I would test for navigation, test fonts, perform device-browser combination, perform speed tests on the website, test for content placement, check for mobile friendliness, and website as a user. These tests would determine whether the website effectively responds to user requests on multiple devices. The CSS rules applicable to the website colors are based on the common technique modern websites use. The website will create an appealing contrast by blending bold accent colors at the backdrop of a black background. In this case, the website will use a variation of red, including auburn and vermillion, and a complimentary appearance using Russian green. Color codes include, #8EE4QF, #EDF5E1, 5CDB95, #907163, #379683.

Question 2

<script type=text/javascript>

function calculate(){

var firstName = document.getElementById(“firstname”).value;

var lastName = document.getElementById(“lastname”).value;

document.getElementById(“name”).innerHTML = ‘Name : ‘ + firstName + ‘ ‘ + lastName;

var people = document.getElementById(“totalpeople”).value;

var cost = people * 100; //Assuming 100$ per customer for the tour//

var totalCost = cost;

if(cost>=2500 && cost<3500){

totalCost = cost + 150;



totalCost = cost+300;



totalCost = totalCost * 0.20 //Assuming 20% discount for more than 8 people//


document.getElementById(“result”).innerHTML = ‘Total cost :’ + totalCost;




In this question, I have assumed 100$ to be charged per customer for a tour and I have given a discount of 20% if the total people are more than 8.

Contenation of two names

var first_name = ‘Willis’;

var last_name = ‘Jones’;

console.log(name_string.concat(first_name, last_name));

Question 3

Using Arrays

  1. It can be utilized to store the same type of data. The element is number of an array have to declare fixed number. The benefit of using arrays this ways is that it creates similar data in one variable only and one loop is enough for accessing elements one by one.
  2. Arrays support the random access property. Just by index, we can directly access data. The elements in an array have the similar size. Benefit: This helps in accessing data easily and memory is continuous so it is easy to manage memory.

Conditional statements:

  1. We can take input from visitor and then provide output based on the request made. This aids the visitor to see only the necessary data.
  2. If an error occurs, the visitor receives an appropriate message. This helps the visitor to know the kind of problem encountered, such as internet connection problem or wrong input.



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