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State Law Assignment Essay | Homework Paper Help

New York State Law

In the state of New York, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community have similar rights as the rest of the population. Following the lawsuit against the state of New York to eradicate the policy of transgender using bathrooms of their choices, the best defense that the country has would be by choosing a defense that would project the law as not being discriminatory. Prohibiting transgender individuals from using the bathrooms of their choices could be viewed as a discriminatory act. The government could, however, counter the claims of discrimination by sighting that all the residents in the state of New York should feel safe by guaranteeing that their rights are respected. On the other hand, the rest of the population could feel offended once the government allows the transgender community to use the bathrooms of their choice. The most recommendable approach would be to separate the bathrooms based on gender rather than sexual orientation.

Max’s family could strengthen their lawsuit by citing the third gender law passed by the state. In September 2018, the New York Council passed a vote that allowed for the creation of the third gender in the state, referred to gender “X.”  The gaffer, as decided by the New York council, is also inclusive on the birth certificate, suggesting that an individual is neither male nor female (Travers, 2019). The law created was focused on ensuring that the transgender individuals in the state of New York live in respect and dignity. The law was meant to prevent discrimination of the transgender community by other individuals. The bill signed on 10th October 2018 went into effect on 1st January 2019. By citing the law, the family could argue that, by the basis of being neither male nor female, Max was allowed to use the bathroom based on his preference.

California State Law

The first argument presented suggests that the state of California can create a law preventing individuals from dressing in a way that their entire bodies are covered when boarding an airplane. The argument would suggest that the state has the right to engage in activities and decision-making procedures focused on ensuring that its citizens are safe and protected. In the case that the state feels that the individuals could pose a threat to the passengers, it is obliged to take up the necessary steps to prevent the occurrence of crimes.

The other argument would suggest that the state of California cannot create laws to prevent individuals from boarding planes by the simple aspect of how they are dressed. The argument would be based on the fact that by doing this, the state would be going against individual preferences and beliefs. Additionally, by engaging in such activities, the state of California could be faulted for using profiling in stopping individuals from getting into the planes.

The state of California should have the liberty of prioritizing its safety and the safety of the individuals. In this sense, the state should have the freedom to make laws and legislation that prevent individuals from getting into the planes for dressing in a way that the whole body is covered except the eyes. Through covering most parts of their bodies, there is less possibility of identifying the individuals. Criminals and terrorists could, therefore, use the opportunity to escape unnoticed and boarding planes, a factor that could endanger the lives of the citizens and the security of the states.




Travers, A. (2019). The trans generation: How trans kids (and their parents) are creating a gender revolution. NYU Press.

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