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Staffing Organizations | Best Assignment Helpers

Applicant Perspective


  1. Why did you identify and seek out the job with this organization?

Acterna Corporation is a highly reputable organization. I have had the chance to interact with the company and they highly recommend the place. They highly acclaim the company’s management and its pay.

  1. How did you try to make yourself attractive to the organization?

First, I have managed to accrue substantial managerial experience. Besides, I have been promoted on several occasions, which indicates that I am a proficient and hardworking person. I also value enhancing myself through gaining of new knowledge and skills t make myself outstanding in whatever role I take.


  1. How did you gather information about the job’s requirements and rewards?

There different approaches for performing a job analysis. However, the best entails cooperation from employees working in the position of interest or supervisors or managers. When conducting the job analysis, I got some employees working in this organization to complete a job analysis questionnaire. Besides, I managed to compare the current job with other departments to understand the job requirements and rewards appropriate for the position.

  1. How did you judge your own KSAOs and needs relative to the requirements and rewards?

Currently, many office jobs have turned to use of technology. The job required the use of an employee management system known as PeopleSoft, excel, and access, all of which I had past experience using. The position was also detail-oriented, which, in addition to other qualities I possess, allowed me to fulfil all the requirements for the position.


  1. Why did you decide to continue with the staffing process, rather than drop out of it?

The staffing process offered me an opportunity to take a break from my previous managerial work. Besides, learning more about staffing would enable me to become more adept at recruiting outstanding employees.

  1. Why did you decide to accept the job offer? What were the pluses and minuses of the job?

While the position offered a favorable pay than in my previous position, it offered a more flexible working schedule than my previous position, which gave me an opportunity to enhance my work-life balance.

Organization Perspective


  1. How did the organization identify you as a job applicant?

Acterna Corporation saw the potential in me based on my experience and enthusiasm I show for my work. Besides, they found me to be culturally fit for the organization.

  1. How did the organization make the job attractive to you?

Acterna Corporation puts into consideration various factors that make working with them favorable. They had matched the position with the elements I was looking for in my next job.


  1. What techniques (application blank, interview, etc.) did the organization use to gather KSAO information about you?

First, the company requires that all applicants submit their resume. After meeting their application requirements, I interviewed with them so they can determine whether I was the best candidate for the company. Later, I took various tests to test my knowledge in various fields. Finally, they reached to all my referees to ascertain my experience.

  1. How did the organization evaluate this information? What did it see as your strong and weak points, KSAO-­wise?

Acterna Corporation’s HR manager saw my experience as a core strength as it matched the position’s requirement. Besides, they found my proficiency in various computer software appealing for the job. However, one of my weakness was that they found my years of experience below the minimum they wanted.


  1. Why did the organization continue to pursue you as an applicant, rather than reject you from further consideration?

The company managed to verify all the details I had provided in my resume. Besides, I believe I was the best candidate and they saw the passion and potential I wielded for the job.

  1. What was the job offer process like? Did you receive a verbal or written offer (or both)? Who made the offer? What was the content of the offer?

The job offer was done through an email and a call where in both cases they informed me that I was their preferred candidate.

Reactions to the Staffing Process

  1. What were the strong points or positive features of the process?

I found Acterna’s staffing process comprehensive and thorough. In this case, they

  1. What were the weak points or negative features of the process?

Although the staffing process was thorough, it turned out be very slow. The slow staffing process might create room for great candidates to find different job offers or lose interest due to the time they have to wait without proper communication.

  1. What changes would you like to see made in the process, and why?

Even though the process is slow as the company wants to find the best candidates, they should improve their communication with their candidates to avoid disinterest.

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