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Spina Bifida and Nutritional and Environmental Causes | Cheap Essay Help

The human nervous system is known to develop from a lesser, particular plate of cells near the embryo’s back known considered as the neural plate. The plate edges start curling towards each other, cultivating the neural tube. The neural tube is regarded as the thin sheath that blocks to produce the brain and spinal cord of the embryo. As development advances, the top tube develops into the brain and the rest turn out to be the spinal cord. The Spina bifida is categorized by inadequate brain development, spinal cord, and the meninges. The paper seeks to assess the claim of facts, claim of value and claim of policy regarding the Spina bifida.

Claim of Facts

Spina bifida is regarded as a permanently incapacitating birth deficiency in the United States. The defect is the most common neural tube deficiency in the US. The defect affects approximately 1,500 to 2,000 of the more than four million children born in the nation every year. A projected 166,000 people ailing from Spina bifida reside in the United States. Numerous factors are attributed to the rise of Spina bifida. They include inherent, dietary, and ecological aspects. According to Copp et al (2015), research specify that inadequate consumption of folic acid, a conventional vitamin B in a mother’s nutrition is a crucial aspect in instigating Spina bifida and additional neural tube deficiencies. Prenatal vitamins characteristically comprise of folic acid and additional vitamins.

Claim of Value

Researchers trust it can be an amalgamation of genetics and the environment that results in the defect. It is important for women to consume approximately 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. According to Copp et al (2015), Spina bifida occurs earlier during a pregnancy, frequently before a lady even recognizes she is expectant. Therefore, every woman that is sexually active should consume folic acid supplements. Despite not completely preventing the deficiency, it may assist in reducing the risks.  It is important to understand how any medicines, acquiring medicine over-the counter or supplements may upset a probable pregnancy may assist in making pronouncements regarding care.

Claim of Policy

One of the important prevention policies involves performing a fetal surgery. Fetal surgical procedure is conducted in the uterus. This entails opening the woman’s belly and uterus and stitching up the uncharacteristic opening of the developing kid’s spinal cord.  Most physicians trust the earlier the deficiency is fixed, the better the kid’s outcome. Even though the process may not reinstate lost neurological purpose, it can avert further loss from happening. Moreover, the profits of fetal surgery are auspicious, and comprise less exposure of the susceptible spinal nerve tissues and bone to the intrauterine atmosphere, particularly the amniotic fluid, which is regarded as contaminated.



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