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Special Population Research

A special population of focus in this study from the Human Service Profession is the adolescent group. The adolescents’ group population is facing critical challenges that should attract scholars to examine some of them. According to UNICEF (2019), the United Nations defines adolescents as those people between the ages of ten and nineteen. Currently, the population number of the adolescent is 1.2 billion in the world, making up sixteen percent of the world’s population. As children up to the age of 18, most adolescents are protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Yet, their vulnerabilities and needs often remain unaddressed.

Building rapport when working with children or adolescents can be more complicated than when working with adults. Some children may have had traumatic experiences with new adults in their lives; others may have trust issues stemming from their diagnosis (Core, 2016). Adolescents are notoriously wary of adults they perceive to be in a position of authority. While the concept of transparency may be difficult for a child to understand, let him know that you have nothing to hide (Career Quest Learning Centers, 2019). Try explaining to the child that your job is to get to know him and to use his strengths and interests to improve areas of life he may not be happy with (Valizadeh et al., 2018).

I can effectively work with the group and help them manage their problems. For instance, take your time with children, especially those who have a traumatic experience, and study them person keenly for by being patient and not rushing, but understand the child. The counselling profession requires understanding and the patient and always be patient.

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