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Soil, water, and minerals Essay | Free Homework Help Samples

Soil, water, and minerals are profoundly valuable natural resources that are major necessities for sustenance of life. All animals, plants, and generally life relies on all three resources for survival. The inter-relationship between the soil, water, and air makes ecological stability and maintenance to be retained. According to the U.S. Forest Service (2021), these are three most crucial natural resources that must continuously be protected, maintained, and restored over and over for present and future life. In addition, air is a major resource that must be sustained as well for its crucial use by humans, animals, plans, and all other organisms that are sustained within a natural area. Easton and Bock (2016) asserts that soil and water balancing is fundamental for all life purposes. Policies addressing soil, water, and minerals protection must be formulated world over. This is as a result of continued human activities depletion of the natural resources. There is extensive erosion in both quality and quantity of the all the three natural resources as a result of human activities putting future generations at risk (Issaka & Ashraf, 2017). The soil provides the necessary nutrients, oxygen, water, and heat that is necessary for the sustenance of natural land areas (U.S. Forest Service, 2021). Soil plays an integral role in sustaining an ecosystem that is vital for the management of land resource.

Response 1

Hi, I truly enjoyed reading your discussion post for this week. I concur with you on the extensive nature the quality and quantity of the three resources soil, water, and air has come under constant threat due to human activities. The example you offered on the extensive farming practice – agriculture, livestock keeping, among other practices are major practices that put the three resources under constant threat. Also, human activities such as expansion of urban centers, minerals demand and exploitation, among others make it difficult to effectively protect, maintain, and restore. Therefore, it is integral to develop collective measures that are vital to the sustenance of the natural resources.

Response 2

Hi, reading through your discussion post was quite insightful. I agree with your view on the significant role played by water in the relationship between soil and minerals. The rain drops into the soil is absorbed by plant roots that are responsible for the production and development of minerals. The improvement of ways in which all the three resources can be sustained is integral for the future generations. The use of rotational planting is essential to enable different plants to develop essential nutrients stored in the soil. This can be integral to the sustainability of the ecosystem through continuous measures.

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