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Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Analysis | Assignment Help

Part 1: Evaluating the SRS

Evaluating the software requirement specification (SRS) for different projects designed to serve a similar scope is integral and vital for project design and management. In this assignment, we examine the SRS for Day Health Manager and SRS for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This constitutes the management of Electronic Health Records – a vital tool to the storage, editing, retrieval, and management of patient health information (Drallos, Clare, Korolewicz & Laboy, 2009). The two documents provide extensive analysis of the documentation that outline various steps in the development of the respective projects. Most important features constitute of the introduction, definition of the project and problem, purpose and purpose statements, definition of the intended audience, scope, product description and analysis, functions, user characterization, risks and constraints, assumptions and dependencies, identification of specific requirements, project outline and scheduling, timeline and sample scenarios, references, contacts, among others (4yourhealth, 2015). The extensive analysis of each aspect is integral to fully grasp and understand the context of the product, its purpose and usage. Therefore, the product design and development can serve the purpose of making health records management efficient.

Part 2: Validating Form Input Data

To ascertain data input is efficient, accurate, and up to date – validating form input data is integral to save the trouble of processing bad data. This can be attained through putting limits to data entry and definition of the data type that is entered into the system for processing. Such approaches for data validation include regular updates to the input form and specification of the data type, dates definition, and timelines for data entry. The use of client-side validation allows the user to verify and validate the data they enter into the system in readiness for processing. Server-side validation ascertains that the data entered into the system meets the specified verification criteria and configurations. Thus, ascertaining the data accuracy and validity. The use of over specific form can prove to be a tedious endeavor as it puts many constraints to the type and nature of data put into a system.

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