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Software Development phases Essay | Homework Help Online

The selected Agile Methodology

One of the most popular agile methodologies is the agile scrum development methodology. This is a methodology, which breaks down the development of passes into stages referred to as sprints. The methodology focuses on continuous deliverables. It helps the software designers to adjust their priorities and ensure that any form of incomplete or overdue sprints gets more attention.

Resources in the implementation phase of Agile Scrum development methodology

One of the methodology’s phases is the implementation phase, which is related to executing tasks and activities in creating the project’s product. The implementation phase includes creating various deliverables, conducting daily meetings, reviewing, fine-tuning, and regularly updating the software project (Gurendo, 2020). Multiple resources help in defining the implementation phase of a software project. They include the portfolio and the programs of the project. Other vital resources for the implementation of the project include the products, services, or any other results which are to get delivered to the project’s stakeholders (Gurendo, 2020). Other vital resources during the implementation phase of the project include the mandatory input tools and outputs. Others include the project owners, scrum masters, and scrum practitioners. All these resources are vital in ensuring that the entire project is a success and the set goals and objectives are met.

How the resources will help define the phase for Capra Tek

Capra Tek entails a fictional technology firm. The implementation resources are vital for the firm in that they will help it ensure that the project is a success. This is since it will ensure that the required project team is in place and that all the required deliverables have already been decided. The resources will include the project stakeholders who are vital in the project’s implementation phase and will work and with the project team members to ensure that the project goals and objectives are realized.

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