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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Essay | Homework Help

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a bunch of steps applied to make a software application. SDLC is mostly divided into eight phases: Collecting requirements, planning, designing, building, testing, documenting, deploying, and maintaining (Arrey, 2019). These are the main parts required for every software development project. Software Development Life Cycle is a method to improve and measure the development process. SDLC clearly outlines every task recommended to put together a software application. This helps to minimize wastage and maximize the effectiveness of the development process. Monitoring helps to ensure the software remains on track and remains a significant investment for the organization. Boeing 737 Max Plane should have focused on the design prototyping phase. The design phase indicates how a software application will function. Standard dimensions of the design phase include the user interface, architecture, platforms, communications, programming, and security. The design phase, especially the communications aspect of the design phase, is vital for Boeing 737 Max Plane Company. This aspect defines ways the application can communicate with other servers like the central server. However, even other elements are necessary for they show how the software application will work.

To achieve the highest impact of the system development while also sustaining its meaning to individuals involved requires systematic trial, strategy, and skill (Bird, 2019). An effective incentive robust system development contains well-defined goals, focuses towards goal commitment, established rules, embraces competition, leverages risk, among many other aspects. A software development project encounters problems. The most common challenges software project face includes lack or insufficient software testing, inadequate communication, inadequate planning for the software development process, and poor requirements. The Tuchman model can be used in class settings except for its last stage, which may not be used in a dialogue role-play when performed in class. However, adjourning is very necessary to the collective level; it can fuel significant value to the organization if implemented.

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