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Sociology Stratification | Custom Assignment Help

Social stratification is the ranking of people in the society. Racial discrimination has been on top of the ladder for social stratification. The social classes are divided on racial basis. Too much often you find one race at a certain social class and another at a different social class (BΓ©cares & Priest, 2015). Ethnicity too has not been left behind. Similar to race, social classes have been divided on basis of ethnicity. There is always a constant conflict between people of different social classes. Social harmony is thus disrupted.

The conflict theory sees society as a dynamic structure that changes over time due to competition over scarce resources whereas the functionalist theory shows social classes as a tool to meet individual and social wants (Griffith et al., 2017). As for the differences, functionalism focuses on the community role as opposed to individual role and contribution to society by the conflict theory. While functionalism emphasizes on stability, conflict theory is more inclined to change (Griffith et al., 2017). I believe that inequality is best explained by the conflict theory. The changes that a social class undergoes are driven by class conflict. There is constant competition for scarce resources. The constant competition shows how resources are unequally divided among members of a society.

Throughout life, I have learned two labels. One is labelled poor or rich depending on the social class they belong to. As for the poor label, negative qualities are that the people will always be constantly in conflict with the rich due to oppression and scarcity of limited resources (Johnson, 2013). For the rich, they are the oppressors. My perception about race and ethnicity will influence how I deal with other people either negatively or positively. If for instance I do not discriminate on either racial or ethnic basis, I will live peacefully with everyone despite our differences.

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