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Sociology Research Assignment | Cheap Essay Help

Describe at least two important historical factors related to the origins of sociology

The two historical factors related to the origin of sociology include industrial revelation and positivism. The industrial revolution refers to the period that occurred during the late 1700s and early 1800s (Singh, 2019). During this period, people moved crossed urban areas in search of employment. The main reason for the movement includes the search for food, education opportunities, and work opportunities. The movement of individuals to urban areas led to the creation of industries in as a way of creating job opportunities for the growing number of the urban populations. It was further facilitated by the invention of machines that led to increased industrial processes. The factors of positivism refer to the influence of the scientific line of work to the social world (Liu, 2020).  Positivism was designed to study human social behavior and the way the general public structure, and eventually led to the current sociology.

Do you think that sociologists should try to reform society or only study society objectively?

The role of sociologists, in my opinion, should be to study society and use the acquired information in reforming society. The argument is that individuals can make assumptions regarding people and how they with other people. On the other, sociologists gave the capacity to determine the principles of individuals, social foundations, and backgrounds developed through their lives to get a vivid understanding of the individuals (Antoshkin, et. al. 2017). Following the generated knowledge, the sociologist could then use the generated information to suggest elaborate societal changes that would be effective for individual development. The sociologists, in this case, consequently, can make useful recommendations for societal change.

Describe and analyze your symbolic culture. What symbols are the most significant for you? Give specific examples of why you believe the symbols you chose hold importance.

My symbolic culture is the flag of the United States. The American flag is an important symbol as it seeks to uphold American culture and uphold American values and customs.  through the flag of the United States, the Citizens are reminded of the values that that are held of importance to the country, and consequently informing the culture of country. The American symbol represents the honor of the country, the power of the country, the values of the country, and contentment. The qualities held high and considered important are represented by the flag of the United States, which is regarded as the greatest nation within the international systems. More inherently, the flag of the United States mainly symbolizes the dignity and the honor of the country. The flag of the United States primarily seeks to express happiness and further appreciate those on the front line to guard the nation.

Describe an ethnocentric experience or a culturally relative experience in which you were a participant or one you observed.

The social relative in which it took place is the idea of religion, specifically Christianity.  In my view, for most Christian communities, the failure to go to church leads to the consideration of an individual as not being a Christian enough. Such Christians feel that if they go to church, they will be on the spot for missing the church services for specific periods. Arguably, there is the fear that less frequently church-going Christians could be disowned by the rest of the congregation with a high record of church-going experience in such cases. The individuals considered staunch Christians seem to avoid the less staunch Christians and judge them as less righteous, consequently avoiding identifying with them. Despite this factor, however, it is arguable that God cares for everyone and supports that assumption that each is not essentially what an individual can accomplish for themselves, but instead what one achieves for others.

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