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Sociological Concepts Analysis

Weber provides a viable approach towards the understanding of the emergence of distinct social issues. He counters the perception that ideologies are entirely determined by underlying economic issues and class conflict (Weber, Walter and Eric 4). Ideas often change depending on the changes in situations and circumstances. Also, the prevailing struggle for domination in society exists as one of the factors that generate various disturbances. Weber’s central message was that communities have an ‘ideal type’ status where the different concepts utilized to give meaning to sociological frames have a logical construction. This aligns with rationality, where individuals use reason and logic to make sense of various elements at the community level. Individual and institutional actions depend on the integration of logic. This approach plays a vital role in guiding people in their everyday actions. There is a higher chance that someone may do the right thing since they take their time to consider the consequences of their actions. Thus, rationality should be the guiding factor in people’s lives.

Weber’s explanation of the term ‘action’ enables community members to assess their behavior to examine if they relate to the expected social dictates. In most cases, people tend to behave in a manner that affects the well-being of other community members either knowingly or unknowingly. Societies have a code of values that guides their respective members on the expected conduct. Action orientation is one of the best ways of deriving a viable outcome since they are guided by their commitment or that of other people. As Weber states (5), the ultimate end or values dictate the extent to which human action is oriented. Effective handling of emotional reactions enables human beings to generate a positive outcome in their lives.


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