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Socialization And Life Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Self -concept is affected by several different factors, either individual or societal. How a person views themselves changes as a person passes through different life stages, life changes, or experiences such as age, disability, appearance, relationships, culture and ethnicities, and many others. One’s self-concept could either be positive or negative and this changes how they feel about themselves and view themselves. A person with a negative self -concept, for example, tends to feel unloved and unimportant while one who has a positive self -concept feels loved, confident, and valued.

By dressing well, the diner was happy about their appearance, and they believed that others also thought of them as being attractive as well. This boosted their confidence and gave them a positive self -concept.

When the diner was looking glass themselves through other dinners in the restaurant, they feel proud and confident because they assume, they see her as a friendly person with an approachable personality. She believes that she projects a positive image of herself.

The self-concept plays a major role in a person’s development and how one relates to others. When a person is confident about themselves like the diner felt while in the restaurant, it becomes easier for them to socialize and interact. They feel confident and maybe more outgoing unlike those with a poor self-image.

Employment and unemployment are also significant factors affecting a person’s view of themselves. It gives a person a sense of purpose and independence. The ability to pay for her meals comfortably made the diner feel good about herself, and she felt that the other diners noticed how independent she was. This certainly boosted her confidence and she felt better about how she thought others thought of her.

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