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Social Work and Human Services Assignment Essay Example

Logic models enable firms to identify certain activities and strategies that should be performed to accomplish desired outcomes. However, their effectiveness varies from small companies to established corporations because of the size of work that should be executed to achieve expected results. In this regard, a small nonprofit organization is likely to utilize a logic model to dispense various roles and monitor the performance of different individuals. When developing a mission and vision statement, a logic model comes in handy by enabling company executives to streamline operations and align their interests with those of the organization (Watson & Hoefer, 2013). From this realization, the application of a logic model in a small nonprofit organization will vary significantly from the approach used by federal agencies because of the different value and mission system, which dictates their overall performance in the business environment.

Discussion Two

When implementing change in the workplace and beyond, individuals are encouraged to anticipate resistance and put in place measures that will enable them to overcome the opposition. One approach that firm managers can use is to engage different stakeholders who will be affected by the change. By listening to their concerns, it becomes easier to convince them about the importance of the proposed amendments and involve them in the process to achieve a wholesome outcome (Weber et al., 2015). In the Riverbend city strategic planning committee, Hector Rodriguez is concerned about the usage of school funds to purchase refreshments. By working closely with Rodriguez, it will be easier for the consortium to develop a series of viable outcomes that enable individuals to accomplish their desired outcomes and other underlying issues in their surroundings. Hence, accommodating the different issues affecting individuals in their surroundings is essential in the development of appropriate measures that meet people’s expectations.

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