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Social work and Client Dialogue | Homework Help Services

Social work is a professional practice that is committed to developing and maintaining people’s well-being through social workers. We examine the interaction of a social worker and victim of domestic violence who has bruises on her arms due to physical abuse from her husband. The conversation takes place in the Dc community health care center in the morning:

Worker: Good morning, how are you doing?

Client: Good Morning, I am okay, what about you?

Worker: I am okay as well. My name is Tia, I am a social worker here at Dc community center, we are here to listen, help you improve and recover from any ordeal you are going through. Before we start, kindly know that this conversation is private and confidential. The information can only be shared if there are cases where you might harm yourself or others.  Free to share with me what is happening.

Client: Thank you, Tia. My name is Win my aunt recommended you to me and said you would be in a place to help me.


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Worker: You are most welcome, feel comfortable

Client: I am 32 years old, and I have been in marriage for the last three years. We have one child who is two years now. I have been having issues with my husband, he is emotionally and physically abusive, which has led to continuous stress and conflict between us.

Worker: Being abused is one of the most stressful situations to be in, contributing to how you are feeling and hard to cope with, especially that you are a mother and your child looks up to you.

Client: At the begging of our relationship, he was a perfect and loving husband, but the situation has changed. Now he becomes agitated quickly and does not hesitate to throw hurtful words at me or punch me. (Client, sobbing). I am really fed up, I do not want to be in this marriage anymore. I want my child to be away from all these conflicts and arguments for the sake of his mental health and mine as well.

Worker: The issue of an abusive marriage is a bit common, I have interacted with women whose marriages and relationships started off well but have been abused by their partners. The option of ending a marriage occurs to people at different times, and I applaud you for having the courage to speak out and wanting a peaceful life. We are here to help you through the whole process.

Client: So, there are other women who have been in the same situation? I thought I was the only one hence I have been so quiet. His character has lowered my self-esteem and made me feel embarrassed because people believe we are the perfect couple, and they would not believe me. I am still employed, so I want to start a new life where I can build my esteem and be the best mother to my child.

Worker: It seems that your mind is made up, and we are here to help you throughout the journey. Here at Dc community center, we offer guidance and counseling, therapy, and material assistance to trauma victims such as domestic violence. Since you are determined to move the first thing would be talking to the child and making him understand why you are moving out, then looking for a house. You can update me on the progress and if you need any assistance, we are more than willing to help. Any question?

Client: I am overwhelmed with your care and support. Thank you so much. I will start moving then let you know.

Worker: You are welcome, here is my number (hands over, the card with the number) feel free to call anytime. Have a lovely day.

Client: I will definitely call, have a lovely day too.

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