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Social Media’s Positive Impact On Sports: Annotated Bibliography

In this paper, I will explore various approaches that influence outcomes in the sporting world. Given the nature of the sporting world, individuals are focused on creating innovative strategies that determine the results of events in their surroundings. Importantly, social media has a significant impact on the views of individuals because of its ability to create an enabling environment where people can hold conversations concerning the quality of play from the players. For instance, the Premier League is one of the most-watched football contests that attract viewership around the globe. Platforms such as Twitter experience an influx of tweets whenever top-tier football clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool are playing. Likewise, the NBA is one of the most exciting leagues in the U.S., which attracts commentaries from individuals in their immediate environment. From this realization, social media allows sports fanatics to follow up on their preferred players and even access the analysis of the game without experiencing issues that affect their approaches towards life.

Part Two

Hayes, Michelle, Kevin Filo, Caroline Riot, and Andrea Geurin. “Athlete Perceptions of Social Media Benefits and Challenges During Major Sports Events.” International Journal of Sport Communication 12, no. 4 (2019): 449-481.

Athletes encounter various external stressors before a major sporting event, an aspect that may undermine their performance. For instance, during the NBA playoffs, many players may face the fear of the unknown because of their critical roles in influencing the success of the corporations. Importantly, creating innovative products that appeal to the changing needs of individuals hinder their perspectives towards life and their ability to develop innovative approaches that can be introduced in the modern world. In this regard, social media platforms allow the players to interact with their fans and their family, an activity that may have a relaxing impact on their approach towards winning.[1] Likewise, social media platforms should engage individuals based on a topical issue, where everyone is allowed to voice their concerns.

Li, Bo, Sarah Stokowski, Stephen W. Dittmore, and Olan KM Scott. “For better or for worse: The impact of social media on Chinese sports journalists.” Communication & Sport, 5, no. 3 (2017): 311-330.

Unlike in the past, where journalists controlled the flow of information from the pitch to the households, social media has now promoted the growth of citizen journalism. Football fanatics can now share live footage from the pitch and share their commentary with the rest of the world. In this regard, the emergence of social media platforms has compelled journalists to change their attitude towards reporting because of the availability of alternatives that provide real-time information.[2] Chinese journalists engaged in this study reported an increase in the rates of citizen journalism and how it inspires individuals to overcome their challenges. Even though social media platforms have significantly increased their workload, football fanatics can get a personalized experience that requires journalists to report accurately.

Cunningham, Nicole R., and Matthew S. Eastin. “Second screen and sports: A structural investigation into team identification and efficacy.” Communication & Sport, 5, no. 3 (2017): 288-310.

Initially, watching sports and other events from the TV was considered a privilege because of its modern approach that influenced people’s outcomes. However, the emergence of smartphones has exposed viewers to a second screen that is affecting the relationship between individuals and the TV. In many instances, sports fanatics will be following up on a live match from their TV sets but will be glued to their phones for an interactive commentary on Twitter.[3] While this emergence of the second screen is confusing, there is a way the sporting fraternity can benefit from its existence in the corporate world. Understanding the needs of the people enables corporations to develop customized products and services that appeal to their expectations.

Achen, Rebecca M. “Measuring social media marketing: Moving towards a relationship-marketing approach.” Managing Sport and Leisure 22, no. 1 (2017): 33-53.

Since individuals have a unique relationship with sporting events in their immediate environment, social media tools offer a perfect opportunity for corporations to engage consumers on their products and services. In this regard, different companies have secured endorsements with critical players in the sporting fraternity. While the sporting fans may have limited knowledge about the impact of the commodities on their lifestyles, corporations can use the different social media platforms to enhance their relationship with the consumer market.[4] In this regard, individuals benefit immensely from the ability of the identified commodities to enhance their lifestyles and focus on an enabling environment where individuals can realize their passion and overcome issues hindering them from discovering their potential.

Hsu, Jen-Hsien, and Yu Hunang. “The applications of social media in sports marketing.” (2017).

Sports marketing is on the rise because of its ability to expose individuals to an enabling environment where they can discover their potential while still enjoying their favorite game. In this regard, many corporations have warmed up to the idea of engaging football fanatics during half-time shows and game breaks, where they can interact and build their relationship with the consumer. In the same vein, individuals can follow up on their favorite athletes and even engage them on Twitter and Instagram, where their presence is dominant.[5] Understanding the views of individuals becomes more accessible to corporations by engaging consumers and interacting with them to understand various aspects that hinder them from discovering their potential. Likewise, individuals are supposed to encounter a series of issues that trigger their contribution to the accomplishment of the sporting goals and objectives.

Pilar, Puertas-Molero, Marfil-Carmona Rafael, Zurita-Ortega Félix, and González-Valero Gabriel. “Impact of sports mass media on the behavior and health of society. A systematic review.” International journal of environmental research and public health 16, no. 3 (2019): 486.

Even though activities such as sports betting have increased significantly over the years, the quality of sporting activities has improved drastically. Individuals can now call out inefficient players on the pitch because of their inability to fulfill the objectives of the game. In this regard, players are always under pressure to perform because of the need to maintain their relationship with their fans.[6] Likewise, social media has brought up a certain level of competitiveness that influences the perspectives of individuals towards the game. By interacting with individuals in and outside the pitch, athletes have learned the significance of maintaining a professional approach that enhances their contribution towards positive outcomes in the sporting world. Understanding the needs of fanatics has introduced individuals to an enabling environment where they can make informed decisions that focus on the realization of different goals in the sporting world.

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