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Social Media Marketing | Business Assignment Help

Social media is a critical aspect of digital marketing. The platform acts as a way of reaching out to people and engage them in promoting a product. According to Nelson (2018), digital media allows consumers to express their needs in a product and how it should be improved. Constant engagement with the consumers is a key way of ensuring the brand message reaches a wide range of audiences. One way Gearhead uses to engage its customers is through project 90. The project enables Gearhead to connect and create customer relationships and at the same time promote their brand.

Project 90 acts as an education platform. For instance, Gearhead sends emails to its consumers to give them training tips. Also, they get a training plan each week for thirteen weeks. Using this project enables Gearhead to reach out to many customers and create a huge relationship with them. Consequently, the brand is known by many who have gotten the Gearhead experience. As Nelson (2018) elaborates, this form of engagement seeks the attention of the customers and a message is passed to them.

Gearhead uses a brand ambassadors program to promote their product. One way the ambassadors use to promote Gearhead Merchandise is through Facebook and Instagram. They use their employees to post pictures on these platforms for people to see. The customers also promote the products by commenting on the products and giving positive experiences on these products. Others promote Gearhead products by making blog posts about Gearhead products. When other people read these posts, they are convinced to buy the products. Also, social media posts enable the company to reach a wide variety of audiences and educate more on the products offered at Gearhead.


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