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Social Media Definition

Person-Centered, Person-Mediated, and Ecological Perspectives of Female Criminality

When examining female behavior, experts narrow their studies to focus on their risky individual character traits and their immediate contexts. Importantly, person-centered perspectives of female criminality indicate that girls are naturally deviant and tend to dissociate themselves from the expected norms. In this regard, the individual decisions made by girls are likely to lead to disruptions, which affect their relations with other people. However, the person-mediated perspectives of female criminality demonstrate the impact of a person’s immediate environment and how they influence their perspectives towards life and other aspects of the society. For instance, childhood victimizations have made girls develop deviant behaviors that enable them to overcome underlying issues in their surroundings. Person-mediated perspectives of female criminality will always manifest the individual’s developmental, historical, and social influences that influenced their character traits and behavior. However, ecological perspectives of female criminality differ significantly with the person-centered and person-mediated views by indicating that an individual’s deviant behavior is influenced by the thoughts expressed by others when defining a social problem.

Strengths and Limitations of Each Perspective


In this perspective, an individual’s contribution to their deviant behavior is recognized, making it easier for other people to shape their overall conduct. Importantly, when a person’s cause of deviant behavior is their thoughts, experts can recommend viable approaches that parents can use to initiate the process of reform in their young ones (Javdani, 2013). However, this approach ignores external influences that might have a huge impact on the overall perspectives of an individual. By dwelling on a person’s contribution towards their deviant behavior, it largely blames the affected individuals and exposes them to a context that ignores the influence of other activities in their surroundings.


This approach ignores a person’s ability to make informed decisions, which would have cushioned him from becoming deviant. Instead, it focuses on the impact of external influences and how they shape the individual’s perspectives towards life. However, ignoring the person’s contribution to their deviant behavior is a big oversight that hinders individuals from accepting their mistakes and embracing reform as a way of regaining their upright behavior.

Ecological Perspectives

In this approach, researchers narrow down on the thought process of other people when defining social problems and the way it influences various outcomes in their immediate environment. On one side, this technique has a minimal impact because of its inability to refer to the contribution of the deviant person towards their behavior and other influences in their immediate environment. Nonetheless, it demonstrates the best approaches that should be used when interacting with girls with deviant behavior.

Real-Case Scenarios

In the contemporary society, parents struggle to expose their children to an enabling environment where they can accomplish their desired outcomes. However, girls may acquire certain tendencies after observing the quality of relations between their parents. For instance, a girl whose parents are frequently involved in scuffles is likely to acquire deviant behavior traits, which can be defined using the person-centered perspectives. Similarly, a girl whose society is defined by crime, they make opt to carry a weapon to protect themselves, an outcome that is captured by the person-mediated perspectives. Lastly, if women are judged based on their racial identity, their actions may lean towards ecological perspectives in retaliation of the negative statements about them.

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