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Smarter Decision Making through Psychology Paper | Best Writers

Using your problem solving and self and social awareness skills and the information that you learned in Chapter 7 of the web text about brain plasticity and mindset, answer the questions below.

For each question, you should write a paragraph-length response (5โ€“7 sentences) to receive credit for this assignment. You may use your Soomo web text as a resource.


Question 1: Define mindset and describe what kind of mindset Reggie needs to embrace to be successful. (Hint: Page 7.6 will be a great resource for this question.)

Mindset refers to a set of beliefs that influences a personโ€™s opinion and way of thinking. For Reggie to be successful, he needs to adopt a growth mindset to ensure continued learning and growth opportunities (David, 2019). Success is achieved through dedication and hard work in learning new ideas each day in a growth mindset. Reggie demonstrates a fixed mindset where he believes talents are innate; thus, people cannot learn new concepts. Reggie believes his abilities are fixed as he retaliates the impossibility of teaching older adults new tricks. This fixed mindset hinders his ability to embrace learning new ideas and resilience in trying to succeed. ย A growth mindset acknowledges imperfections and strives to encourage possibilities to outgrow the limitations by viewing failure as valuable learning opportunities.


Question 2: What is brain plasticity?

Brain plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to re-wire itself through growth and reorganization. Human brain plasticity can grow and develop over time through a continuous learning experience. Reggie has a fixed mindset; thus, it is prudent to build upon his brain plasticity to change to a growth mindset. First, he will have to change his closed thinking attitude and embrace the thrill of learning new practices. Reggie should focus on learning new ideas each day and also study new concepts regarding the test. Reggieโ€™s brain will grow with each new knowledge addition. The brain modifies itself each time someone learns something new, a significant factor that will help Reggie change his negative attitude towards learning.


Question 3: In Chapter 4, you learned about memory and how to effectively study. Using Chapter 4 in the web text, what two specific strategies should Gloria suggest to Reggie so that he will be prepared for the compliance test? Why will these two strategies work? (Hint: Page 4.15 has suggestions to improve your memory.)

First, Gloria should suggest repeated self-testing and rehearsals. The more times Reggie repeats the information, the faster he can retrieve it in the compliance test (David, 2019). Second, Reggie should implement a spaced study technique rather than spending all his time cramming new information. The quantity of the learning information makes Reggie more nervous; therefore, he should set up a specified time each day to learn the material. In addition, Reggie should get plenty of rest and take one day off after an intensive one-week learning process to help internalize the information. A lack of rest hinders the ability to internalize new information.

Question 4: If Reggie were your coworker, what important aspects of the situation would you want to keep in mind when offering advice and strategies to him? Why do you think this is important?

I would keep in mind that Reggie has worked at the company for several years without significant change in operations. This is critical information regarding advising Reggie since I would emphasize ways to convert his modus operandi to the way the company dictates. Reggie is also about to retire in five years; thus, I would encourage him to embrace learning new ideas with a target for the future since he still has the drive to continue working. I would also consider his ability to comprehend new ideas while alone, thus integrate his learning experience with close friends such as Lakeisha. This would entail demonstrating how I align my learned knowledge to company guidelines encouraging him along the way.

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