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Skill Drills in The Drawing Class | Art Homework Help

One of the most critical skill drills that were useful during the drawing class was the perspective skill. From the lessons, I learned that perspectives are essential when drawing since they generate a three-dimensional perception of a flat image.  Perspectives also give an image its depth and dimension. They enhance the appearance by making the images appear either smaller or closer together as they move further away from the viewer (Artists Network Staff).  From the drawing class, I also discovered that perspectives are critical to any given drawing or sketch since they are fundamental proficiency that one ought to understand as a way of creating realistic and believable illustrations.

There are three types of perspectives, which include one point, two-point, and three-point perspectives.   From the drawing class, I was also familiarized with different perspectives, which can either be linear or atmospheric. Color can also be used to express the perspective.  By using a linear perspective, the depth of the image or a drawing is easily achieved through size, lines, and placement.  Commotions can, however, vary in terms of definitions and complexity since these factors are highly integral for any linear perspective.

For atmospheric perspectives, there is a conveyance of depth through variation of Values (dark and light), clarity, and colors. The elements on the foreground have more excellent value contrast, greater definition, and brighter colors as compared to the background elements, where values and colors get neutral. Practicing perspective drawing in the class was not only enjoyable but also worthwhile since I was able to play with the power of illusion and learn how to create a vanishing point in any drawing.



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