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Should School Students Be Forced To Volunteer | Annotated Bibliography Paper Sample

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My paper focuses on whether high school students should be coerced into participating in volunteering activities. I intend to determine the implications of coercing high school students into volunteering and the reasons that prompt them to be coerced to participate in those activities. The selected resources are significant in developing my research paper since they are credible, and they are updated. Moreover, the authors are proficient in the selected discipline. Little research has been performed regarding this subject matter; hence I feel it is suitable to pursue it. I sincerely anticipate that my readers will learn from this research.

Annotated Bibliography

Henderson, A., Brown, S. D., & Pancer, S. M. (2019). Curriculum requirements and subsequent civic engagement: is there a difference between ‘forced’and ‘free’community service?

Henderson et.al., examines the relation between mandated community service and subsequent volunteering. Authors assessed diverse groups of participants comprising those introduced to mandatory service, those volunteering without obligation, those not engaging in any service during high school, and those volunteering before and after the introduction of an obligation. Authors confirmed that students obligated to participate in volunteering, exhibited levels of participation similar to non-volunteers because service duration and contentment accounted for the varying levels of participation. Generally, mandatory programs are ineffective since they fail the targeted participants they seek to assist.

I will utilize this study because it has an extensive scope as it studied diverse cohorts of students. It can be used for future references. It offers varied perspectives as it compared different types of students who were either introduced into the program voluntarily or mandatorily. It offers a distinctive outlook as it identified the contentment derived from the process and the duration taken to perceive the outcomes. Additionally, it informs on the effectiveness of mandatory programs to its targeted population by addressing the areas it fails to meet the participants’ necessities. I found this to be crucial as it offers useful data concerning the extent of the effectiveness of involuntary programs.

Costello, J., Homberg, F., & Secchi, D. (2017). Does coerced volunteering undermine the public service motivation of volunteers? A moderated mediation model.

Costello et.al., assesses how coercion challenges the motivation of volunteers resulting in diminished performance. The authors connote that the recent increase in the number of volunteering programs within learning systems in the UK prompted a potential difficulty for volunteer directors managing people who have been forced to participate in the programs. The authors revealed that individuals with decreased levels of Public Service Motivation (PSM) who were coerced into volunteering reported an increased likelihood of volunteering intensity compared to individuals who were not coerced but had decreased levels of PSM.

I selected this study as it comprehensively acknowledges the challenges associated with forced volunteerism. It is crucial to comprehend how forced volunteerism impacts on general performance. This research provides the essential constructs necessary in informing my paper. Moreover, the research utilized a methodical approach where the target population was thoroughly examined. I found it beneficial because it offers an overview that will advance my research by identifying the challenges of coerced volunteering.

Henney, S. M., Hackett, J. D., & Porreca, M. R. (2017). Involuntary Volunteerism: What Happens When You Require People to” Do Good?”

Henney et.al. addresses the issue of involuntary volunteerism. The authors connote that the volunteering issue raises concerns, especially regarding circumstances when individuals are required to volunteer activities or as part of a class. The authors targeted students from various learning institutions and were concerned with the implications of involuntary volunteerism. They assessed the participants’ experiences in volunteerism when, as a part of a class and outside class. Authors asserted that forced volunteering is associated with negative attitudes. Actual involvement in forced volunteering fosters a shift in perspectives. Coerced volunteerism does not necessarily pose negative outcomes on volunteer intentions.


I chose this study because it provides in-depth knowledge on the issue of mandatory volunteerism. Contrary to other researches, this one mentions that mandatory volunteerism has positive implications and that the majority of respondents were supportive of the process. I found this study useful since it offers a diverse perspective from other researches, and because it offers comparisons between mandatory activities performed within the class and those performed outside the classroom. Moreover, it identifies critical information regarding prior negative perceptions associated with involuntary volunteering and how actual experiences lead to a diversion in perceptions. This study is useful as it will advance my paper by providing alternative theories.



McCarty, S. H., Angner, E., Scott, B., & Culver, S. (2018). Mandated volunteering: an experimental approach

McCarty et.al asserts that policies obligating volunteer activity may be connected with the crowd out effects that may impact diverse outcomes across subpopulations. The authors confirm that forced volunteerism is associated with fewer donations as subjects who were forced to donate would rarely donate. Those individuals not coerced to volunteer would donate willingly. The authors endorse that forced volunteerism should be disregarded.


I selected this study because it offers useful insights concerning the crowd out effects that result from compulsory volunteering. The illustrations utilized in this study enable the comprehension of messages disseminated. Moreover, readers can relate to the illustrations provided. I find this study useful as it will enable me to identify illustrations that are applicable in my paper, which I can utilize to inform my research. Besides, the study employs a more defined outlook considering its limited number of participants. I was also able to determine the variables that impel volunteerism among diverse participants.

Bode, L. (2017). Feeling the pressure: Attitudes about volunteering and their effect on civic and political behaviors.

Bode analyzes the evolving state of volunteering among young individuals. The author affirms that the pressures of volunteering are prevalent. She further connotes that an intention to volunteer as well as motivation is related to volunteering. She acknowledges that volunteer directors should identify the factors that attract individuals to want to volunteer.

I selected this study because it offers a wider target group that enables the identification of comparisons among different groups. Further, it utilizes content analysis, which offered the prospective to establish the determinants of volunteering. Thus, I can draw inferences from the content and include it in my study. The study is also useful as it educates volunteer managers on ways, they can implement to attract more volunteers without having to coerce them. It denotes that forced volunteerism is likely to be associated with negative outcomes. I find this research useful as it will contribute to developing my paper.

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