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Should Parents be allowed to choose their Baby’s Gender? Paper Help

There has been a major issue over the years on whether parents should be permitted to determine the gender of a baby. This has attracted a huge debate between those who propose and oppose the practice. In the article, “should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their baby”, Juan Andrade denotes some interesting facts regarding parents that seek to have an option of selecting a baby’s gender. In collaboration with his argument, most parents frequently use unconventional procedures while attempting to determine the child’s gender, therefore resulting in major disappointments and bad relations between parent and child. Despite few cases of sexual discrimination in United States, Individuals perform disgraceful rites in different nations in South and East Asia in order to bear a desired gender which in most instances it is male. Therefore, parents should not choose the gender of their kids because it results in cases of gender inequality, disappointments and is also considered to be unbiblical.

The matter has attracted significant attention as a result of the utilization of Assisted Reproductive Technology on a long-term basis that assists expectant females in the US and around the universe. The advancement of this particular technology has given rise to inventions such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which facilitates paternities to prenatally select the gender through medical techniques. However, this form of technology exhibits bioethical concerns. Many individuals believe that it creates consumer eugenics because the procedure is famous in the commercial sector as parents are capable of easily determining the gender. The probability of the rise in consumer eugenics is accredited to the circumstance that future paternities may treat their children as commercial entities as compared to being treated as human beings. The selection of gender during the process of preimplantation may have adverse effects such as leading to commodification rather than being viewed as unique human beings. In addition, embryos utilized in the process ought to be regarded as human beings with rights. Hence, destruction of the embryos may be equated as violating the human rights.

Although the discriminations in gender are nowhere near the thrilling outlooks stated above, it still exists to a specific level on both male and female genders in United States. A majority of parents become frustrated on learning that the sex of their baby is male whereas their ideal gender for which they executed all the rites and experiments was to bear a female child. The progressive therapeutic expertise, along with the improved forms of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) processes frequently disclose inordinate amount of information about the embryos as indicated in Andrade’s article. When parents expect the child of preferred gender get the “bad” news, it often leads to disappointments, bad futures for children or even abortions. Additionally, a certain research body shows that investing in women in vulnerable societies, like microloans to be used in the establishment of small enterprises, does not only aid single females, but it also assists in raising the entire household as well as the community from abject poverty. Identifying that women have a similar, informative, financial, and social prospective men, it is wrong to justify offering gender-selection services that back untrue and obsolete male-controlled principles

In history, the urge to bear a desired gender has resulted in discriminations, sexually, as well as continuous degrading and unfair treatment of mothers along with kids.  Ethnic inclinations for male children stem from ancient, inherent principles of what makes for a firm family unit and societies (Cutas 374). For instance, most cultures are likely to educate and secure employment for boys in stable jobs with the hope that they will care for ageing parents and contributing to the family’s well-being. In contrast, girls are considered to liabilities as they are not given the same opportunities in terms of education and employment. The expectations behind these principles are no longer adhered to in the current global culture of the 21st century. Although it has been praised by families that have seen the process to be beneficial, it has also generated heavy ethical controversy. In addition, reproductive experts are divided over whether to choose the sex of an embryo.

Before the rise of modern age in nations such as India, the father’s family frequently demanded male children from the woman and this resulted in significant hardships faced by the women. Most nations have allowed uncontrolled potency hospitals that offer gender selection services that might, in very solid methods, weaken individual women’s capability of making reproduction resolutions that are free of intimidation (Savulescu 373). For instance, in nations such as India, the birth of female children may often result to high cases of abortion as well as heinous cases of paternal figures slaying female kids due to the fact that the preferred gender was not attained. Many European countries have banned gender selection; countries such as the United States, South Korea, and others are likely to take similar steps.  In the article “The Burden of Womanhood: Third World, Second Class,” it provides a comprehensive outlook of female born kids being slayed. In addition, it provides an example of a woman of Indian origin who buried her baby in a shallow grave after pressure from her family.


In regards to Cutas Plummer,Savulescu articles, the practice should be prohibited due to various factors after an assessment of the various opinions and counterarguments on the basis of whether paternities ought to be allowed to select the gender of offsprings. Allowing parents to have the power to choose the gender of the baby means that there is a likelihood that people will live in a society that will have tailor-made human beings. It is therefore considered to be violation of civil liberties. Furthermore, every individual ought to be regarded as a human being instead of a viable commodity. The notion of the freedom of procreation ignore the various ways that relations of power stratify the process of reproduction of different women. The gender of new-born babies ought to be accepted and respected as compared to being altered regardless of the sex. Selecting gender is one of the many examples that attempt to play God’s role as the creator of the universe. The selection of gender ought to be left to God as He alone knows the future.

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