Should Online classes be cheaper than in-person classes


As aresult of the shifting paradigm in technology,manylearning institutions have adoptedtechnology to facilitate the teaching of the students. This is different from the traditional personalclasslesswhere students get to visit classes to acquire education physically.  As aresult, there have been numerous debates on theaffordability of online classes, given that they may havereduced costsincurred in the previousphysical classes(Barrington 1).It has been argued that many colleges and universities with online programs are likely to be cheaper for various issues. This is since the expensesassociated with online working are relatively lesser than that of aphysicalclass(Hess 1).  Hence, the study seeks to comprehensively analyze the mater and expound on  why it is highly likely that online classes are less expensive than in-person classes.

Research Purpose

  1. To analyze the difference in terms of costs between online classes and in-person classes
  2. To understand the factors that could result in lower prices for online classes
  • To identify the major strengthsand opportunities in terms of online classes in the era of technologicalinnovationand advancement

Summary of the   topic

According to Broderick (1), the schools offering online programs do not need to have many support staff and personnel who would have paid cash sums. Students also do not incur costs associated with commuting to the college campus since theylearn at the comfort of their homes. Othercostseliminated by online classes include costs of equipment such as lecture halls, desks, and other furniture that the students initially may have used(Job 1). This makes the schools save more money and tend to offer thecourses at alower price.

The teachersmustprepare online course materials and present them to the student via video or sendattachment files(Reed 1).  The online programs give the studentthe flexibility to access and work through the materials at their own pace and according to theirschedule. This greatly minimizes the costs in that the students will not have to use energyand resources to go to the classes and can alsoeasilyundertake part-time jobs, which will earn them extra sources of income. Nonetheless, opponents of this statement believe that the costs of online classes are likely to remain the same due to factors such as the need for machines such as laptops, the internet, and other factors that are not considered when arguing about the issue.The presentation of online classes is different from the traditional ones since physical presence is not compulsory.

Proposed Tasks

There is a need for a more in-depth study on the matter as a way of furtherexplaining not just the importance but also the implication of online classes.  The study will be of importance since it will aid learninginstitutions in understanding why they should keep up with the evolvingtechniques of teachingand adapt to the new technology. This is since this willfacilitate them in providing more quality education to the learners and ensuring that they save the huge costs associated with traditional physical learning.

The taskwill entail undertaking interviews and online surveys from experts, students, and any other person conversant with the subject matter. The interviews will helpexplore the subject matter and clarify the participants’ position on the subject matter. From the data collection, then the views, opinions, and positions of the research respondents will help develop aconclusion on the subject topic. This will ultimately help in developing the most suitable recommendations on the subject matter.  In the study, all the ethical considerations and set moralstandardswill be observed to the latter to ensure that the set goals and objectives areattained.


The study will commence with interviews and online surveys to collect the necessary data for the study. This will be followed by analyzing the collected information to determine the most relevant information for the study.  This will be followed by highlighting the findings and results of the study. Then from the results, the conclusion on the study will be made followed by the recommendations on what ought to be done in the future. The entire studyprocesswill be in lace as way of looking for a sustainablesolution on the subject matter,especially to institutions of higher learning who are best suited to adopt the online learning.


The reason for undertaking this study is due to my vastexperiencein matters about technology and education. I also possess a great prowess in undertaking comprehensive research on such topics. From my researchskills, I can easily look for information regarding the study topic and have detailed research. My skills in research include collecting the required data, analyzing the data and ensuring to note and highlight the most important information. Hence, I am best suited to undertake study on the issues, since I will ensure a detailedconclusion and recommendation.



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