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Short reflection paper on first assignment for English

Exposure to the inquiry proposal titled “why are smart cars more popular than ordinary cars” revealed significant insights and ideas. The project aided me in understanding the procedures of drafting a research proposal. For example, I familiarized with drafting key questions enabling the readers to answer the questions linked to the research topic. These questions build the foundation for the research. In future, I would always develop quality research questions to set the pace for my analysis. I knew research proposals deal with a key question at hand. The main problem guides the researcher in narrowing it down to a list of sub-questions. Thus, I provided a list of notable questions to guide me in covering the major task.

A research question dealing with the analysis of two perspectives requires one to assess both sides before concluding. For example, I provided benefits and advantages of both the smart and ordinary cars. Afterwards, I evaluated the option with more benefits as opposed to limitations and considered it to be the preferable approach. Dealing with a similar topic in the future will provide me with a viable opportunity to derive suitable conclusions. Besides formatting the research questions, understanding the audience is another vital insight I learned.

The experience I had handling the topic enabled me to learn how to communicate with the audience. It learnt that researchers should understand their target audience to allow them develop appropriate terms and statements familiar to them. For example, in my research, I utilized concepts such as “technology of computer science and vehicles”, “self-driving cars”, and artificial intelligence to communicate appropriately with the audience. These terms communicate a key message to the readers. It also eases their understanding of the topic and its rationale. Thus, depending on the topic at hand, I will always utilize key terms and phrases of greater relevance to the audience.

Understanding prevailing limitations at the community level enables one to select elements to address using research-based perspectives. Also, noticing a shift from the old practices to the modern approaches supported me in highlighting the issue. For example, I noted how people experience challenges while using ordinary cars. I also realized how many people have shifted to the use of smart cars. Thus, I focused on educating people about the massive benefits associated with smart cars compared to ordinary vehicles. Thus, noticing a gap permits one to address the prevailing issue at hand. The advancement of the technology field prompts individuals to pay keen attention to any matter dealing with aspects such as artificial intelligence.

I admire writing because it gives me a chance to connect with global populations. I utilize an appealing language to inform and make the readers consider my suggestions. I always take note of elements such as grammar and formatting. These are essential requirement in any literate work. I believe audience admire reading contents with quality grammar and formatting. I always lookout for ways of advancing my writing skills to meet the expectations of the readers. Notably, I also visualize what other researchers found out regarding a topic at hand. The exposure permits me to establish a suitable ground for my research work. I am often in the lookout for emerging trends in the writing sector to incorporate new concepts.

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