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Short Film Critique Paper | Assignment Help Online

The short film has criticized the dominant cultural norms of identity, the beautifully stylized and self-suggesting individuals to be themselves instead of conforming to these norms. The overall film revolves around the theme of identity within the school environment and the society where different masks are used to identify different people. The film is to do with the pressure of society and social acceptance in school. Β The short film brings the idea of faking personalities that may bring about mental instability among young people.

Question 2

The film characters have been used to show the norms of identity and the need to identify themselves. For instance, the film pays attention to a girl who seems to be left out of the social groups within the school. Each student wears masks depending on their social class. The film has utilized the prop of costumes, which are a noticeable iconography that has enabled the filmmaker and the actors to deliver the message of the short film. The young girl has a different mask than the rest showing that she conveys her own identity, which is different from the others. The film has utilized compelling scenes that poster social pressure and the need to discover what is real. The opening and closed repeated scenes have included a similar cinematography element and tracking shots that conveyed frantic motion and panic that fully engages the audience.


The production was worth the effort with the resonating theme and ideas that followed through the short film. The setting of the film is essential in revealing the social pressures and isolation within the school environment. The significant posters, repeated scenes, tracking shorts, the suggested theme of self-identity, the ambient soundtrack, and other cinematography elements used in the short film have matched to create a compelling narrative structure of the film.

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