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Short Film Critique Essay | Homework Help Service

The intention of the “Identity short film” was to create awareness to the audience on the need for self-identity. Self-Identity is a major challenge faced by the youths who are in schools. The film entails the story of a brave girl who chooses to remove the mask where she sets an example of how identifying oneself can lead to a better and free life. From the short film, removing the mask is a reflection of self-identity.

Question 2

The act, production, setting and the production effectively achieved the targeted goals and objectives of the film. Through the production, the theme of self-identity is well portrayed, where all actors are in a mask. Masks are a reflection of the current society of youths who choose to hide their identity, hence living fake and sadder lives. At the end of the film, the objective is accomplished, when the brave girl, who is the key character removes the mask and is seen to be happier and admired by the other students who still have their masks on. The mask is the major costume for the film, which is a representation of the hindrance of self-identity. A major thing that stood out in the production is the ways in which all the actors depicted themselves and through their actions and emotions could easily communicate the message and issue that they were addressing.

Question 3

The experience of the production was valuable, based on the fact that the major theme was exhaustively addressed through the short film. The theme well resonates with me, in that the issue of self-identity has been a major challenge in contemporary society. Many students viewing the production will learn about what they ought to work on in order to make improvements in their life.

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