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Service Plan for the Elderly

As Margaret Thomas progresses with her aging life and her sick nature, she is faced with more problems that she has to fight with to continue living her life. She enjoys a good relationship with her caretakers. There are community resources that she should put into place to make her life even better. Using different community resources can be highly effective since she can have the chance to open up and live life in a different environment rather than in an enclosed institution relating to only a few people over and over. It would also be beneficial since her family members are becoming busier with their personal lives limiting their ability to visit her over.

Margaret should consider visiting the library that is closest to the care center. According to Maglajlic et al. (2020), library like British Library in London is equipped with all types of resources that one may need while conducting research or just to keep themselves busy. She can read books concerning her health and keep herself updated about her health condition. She can equip herself with even activities that can keep her better rather than her routine medication. The large scope of information covered by the resources in the library can keep her off the stresses that come with loneliness. Her family can also read books that equip them with information that educates them on how to treat them better both psychologically and physically to make sure that she becomes better on her health even under her circumstances.

Local Financial Planning Offices can be highly helpful to Margaret and her family. Care centers consume a lot of money from the client and her family. All her retirement benefits can be consumed by the institutions and even require a lot of financial support from her family members. It brings the need for the client and her family to visit a financial planning office to receive guidance on how they should manage her financial needs in a professional manner. The offices can facilitate the handling of the money in the most effective manner keeping the entire family at ease in the financial department.

Seniors should consider Local Senior Living Communities as their age increases. Margaretโ€™s health has been becoming better and better with time. She has learned to adjust to situations quite fast. If she progresses as she is, she is likely to eliminate the need to have constant care by third parties. She is also not visited often. Local Senior Living communities are advisable for her and her family since all her health needs are catered for due to the availability of health professionals. According to Tung et al. (2015), all professionals that are required by the elderly are also available. Even better is the fact that her family can visit and check-in for some days whenever they are available.

The Park District is a considerable location where Margaret and her family should consider taking her at her old age. According to Levinger et al. (2018), They are equipped with programs and activities for the elderly that not only torn up their moods but also enlightens them physically. Lectures and immunization on other potential diseases that might attack her are important for her at her age. They also have a lot of things that they can learn from each other in the park. They also meet other people who are at their age or older, hence encouraging them.

As people grow old, some diseases such as diabetes grow with them and may become better or worse as time progresses. The elderly also lose their ability to take care of themselves hence the need for third parties. Their families should consider community resources that help them go through their aging lives better.

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