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Service-Learning Project Essay | Best Homework Help Service

Environmental Sustainability Program

Objective: The general objective of the service-learning program is to provide education on the existing association between the environment and human health.

Venue: The project will be conducted in one of the university’s lecture halls. A permit will be requested from the nursing department. Authorities in charge of the program site will be notified.

Committee: A committee of five members comprising nursing students will be formed. Committee members will conduct regular meetings to determine the project’s course. The start and end date of the project will be determined.

Resources: Resource allocation will be performed prior to program implementation.

An assessment will be conducted to minimize any probable complications that may occur. Another five volunteers will be selected to execute particular tasks. Two of the volunteers will be involved in the printing of flyers and posters that will be utilized to mobilize community members, while the rest will document program activities and display posters around the nearby communities.

Catholic Social Teaching Theme and GU Wellness Domain

Theme: Project objectives align with the Catholic Social Teaching Theme on caring for God’s creation. The project objectives advocate for environmental conservation, similar to the Catholic teaching that asserts that individuals should respect and take care of their environment as it is an act of stewardship. The project also aligns with the GU Wellness Domain that promotes environmental wellness since it targets to educate on the relationship between humans and their environment and the significance of environmental preservation to their general welfare.

Impact: The service project will impart community members with knowledge regarding how their actions influence the environment, impart them with the necessary skills required to tackle complex environmental concerns as well as measures they can integrate to ensure a sustainable environment. Further, community members will be aware of how the environment influences their health.

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