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Sequence Analysis Essay of The Great Gatsby | Get Homework Help

In this review, I will focus on the different engagements between Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway, who are critical characters in enhancing the plot and defining the film’s position on different social problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Analyzing the camera movements will help understand the best approaches that can be used to overcome challenges, which hinder the thought process of individuals and their ability to overcome numerous challenges taking place in their surroundings. Likewise, the different scenes incorporate different types of shots, which expose the viewer to an environment where they can connect with the character’s perspective and examine their ability to solve problems in their surroundings. Therefore, this film adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald’s 1929 book embraces the novel’s title and introduces a certain aspect of melodrama that complement the vision of the author in the original publication.

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Eye Level Shot

This shot presents a subject to an environment where the viewers can closely examine their emotional perspective and body movements in relations to their arguments when confronted by certain facts.

In this shot, Daisy plays as a mediator between Nick and her friend Jordan Baker. While Daisy is in a serious relationship with her husband Tom, she believes introducing her cousin Nick to Baker will enable him adjust to the new environment without any difficulties. The resulting conversation is enhanced by the eye-level shot, which highlights Daisy’s perspectives and attitude towards various aspects of life including social relations. This shot helps the viewer understand Daisy’s school of thought and her intentions in welcoming Nick to the new environment.

Over the Shoulder

This shot is commonly used in films when two or more characters are involved in a conversation. It establishes the eyeline that enables the viewer to identify the specific scene surrounding each of the involved characters. It brings in a new level of perspective that allows individuals to understand certain aspects that might not be visible to the character playing the audience role at the moment.

In this shot, Baker draws in a different perspective that varies significantly from Daisy’s point of view in the conversation. The two pairs are involved in an argument based on the impact of civilization on people’s perspectives towards life. Although various approaches can be introduced using the over the shoulder shot, it was used to demonstrate Baker’s different perspective based on their conversation with the Buchanan’s.

A Deep Focus Shot

This type of shot serves as an establishing shot and is often used during transitions to expose the viewer to different scenes, which enable them to connect the dots and develop an understanding, which defines their perspective towards the film.

In this shot, the viewers are introduced to the external environment surrounding the house and other aspects that define their perspective towards life. While the guests and the hosts are heavily involved in a conversation on civilization, this shot serves as a demonstration of the civilized nature of the Buchanan’s and the upstate level of their neighborhood. From this realization, it becomes easier for the viewer to understand the different arguments that were being expressed in the dinner table and how their immediate environment has shaped the Buchanan’s as well as the guests.

Medium Shot

A medium shot captures the body language of the characters and the nature of their immediate scene to depict how it influences their thought process towards the present underlying issues.

In this shot, Tom and Nick are involved in a conversation that has been triggered by a series of events. In establishing their camaraderie, the two characters partake alcohol, a culture that was common in the early 1930s among the middle-class citizens. It should be noted that alcohol created an enabling environment for people to learn about the other person’s weaknesses and form healthy relations, which fostered their interactions in the contemporary community.

Deep-Focus Long Shot

Unlike the deep focus shot, this camera approach exposes the viewer to the immediate environment and captures the different activities taking place in the surroundings. Even though Tom has a romantic relationship with Wilson, he is still attached to Nick’s cousin.

This shot captures Wilson running towards Nick and Tom and how she relates with Tom. While the film is a recollection of Nick’s thought process based on his interactions with the people of the West Egg, the shot demonstrates the importance of social relations and how they can affect different individuals in their immediate environment. The viewers can understand the impact of the surroundings on Wilson’s perspective and how they contribute to the chain of thought expressed by Tom.

Close-up Shot

This shot captures emotions manifested by characters in a film. While Tom looks for Daisy, she is kissing Gatsby. The shot captures the romantic relationship between the two characters before reverting to showcase a confused Tom who is lost in the moment. This shot emphasizes Tom’s inability to win Daisy’s heart because of its approach to overcome aspects that influence their relationship and perspective towards life.


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