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Self-Reflection | Write My Essay For Me

Human beings are spread in virtually every part of the globe, and communication exists between the previous and the current surroundings. The affiliation between the two characteristics is generated by the fact that human beings act as a system, which substantially impacts the extensive environment. In virtually every function of life, substantial systems function as the basis for which explicit undertakings are undertaken. A system is perceived as a function of numerous diverse parts that comprise an entire thing. As a human being, the body may be deemed a structure since different magnitudes contribute to a man’s life.

Even though these magnitudes have diverse roles in the body, they all function towards a common objective. The whole system may be split into subsystems that assist persons in interrelating with the comprehensive environment. The subsystems comprise of biological measurement, the mental and divine aspect. The physical roles of my body are the most crucial element of the conduct that I retain. The body’s health needs have numerous impacts on the quality of life and how people interact with nature. When contemplating the biological characteristics, particular body organs are linked to the function. The nervous system that comprises three subsystems helps control the opinions that individuals have towards the environment. Additional organs comprise of the endocrine system, cardiovascular and reproductive system that aids in reproduction guaranteeing that the human being species are not extinct in the environment (Sherwood, 2015). The biological magnitudes may not be disregarded when considering the surroundings since a direct effect between them is apparent. The environmental nature that humans exist impacts their biological functions whilst human beings may alter the functioning of the surroundings they dwell.

Similar to the biological dimension, the mental aspect bears a significant effect on the conduct portrayed by a human being. The people’s psyche comprises understandings and emotions that are distinct but linked at an inner level. The perceptions define how human beings think regarding various undertakings they embark on and the environment’s data. Numerous theories, for instance, the social learning model and information processing concept have been utilized to illustrate the communication between a human mental aspect and their environment (Block, 2014). Conversely, the human body is set to encounter some dread or contentment that are considered as sentiments.

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