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Self-Reflection – The Roles and Responsibilities of Human Service Professionals

A human service professional’s primary role is to help individuals and organizations with problems that affect their way of life. Importantly, the professionals provide emotional, mental, and physical support to affected individuals with the hope of exposing them to an environment where they can accomplish their desired goals. From this realization, focusing on a nonprofit organization will demonstrate the different roles of the human service professionals and how they provide a safe space to victims of different forms of abuse. The roles and responsibilities of Human service professionals are quite challenging. However, it exposes one to a context where they can support other people undergoing various issues in their lives. For this reason, human service professionals require skills such as proper communication, comprehensive understanding of human rights, and vast knowledge of mental wellness to accomplish their desired goals and objectives.

I am a CEO of a nonprofit organization, and I largely rely on my areas of strength such as positive attitude, strong values, and effective communication style. Some of my roles include making crucial cooperative decisions and managing both resources and operations in the business. In my day-to-day activities, I am actively involved in the creation and provision of positive values to the people I work with and have positive attitudes. The personal strengths and growth needs allow me to identify the plan to address identified growth needs.

Some of the roles based on the self-assessment are outreach workers, advocates, and consultants. According to Longstaff, Socrates recognizes the human service professions who work with individuals in their life (Longstaff, 2013). As a CEO of a nonprofit organization, outreach ensures that you can understand the needs of other people before solving their problems. Most nonprofits deal with either people who are victims of abuse, sickness, drug abuse, or poor people. Hence, health service professionals come in handy because of their experience and knowledge of the approaches that can be used to solve problems affecting other people.

In addition, the CEO plays an important role as an advocate and a consultant. As an advocate, one has to support those who feel they are not being heard and ensure that their rights are respected. In this case, as a human service professional, I interact with many people who need me to advocate for their rights. As a non –profit, being able to secure resources from donors is a key to ensure that the company keeps afloat and that we can provide the best service to the people in need. In this case, there are plans in place to start a marketing program to ensure that we can reach out to assets and the people who need the help. Therefore, it is important that the people feel heard and safe at the same time by providing the right resources.

Some of my need growth areas are identifying my professional assets, marketing my professional assets, interviewing, following up, and networking with different professionals within my field. The importance of improving these need growth areas is to enhance the quality of output in my work on the physical environments, materials, and resources. However, it is necessary to make a conscious decision that makes a life worth living by engaging other people and understanding their views towards life. Therefore, the plan to address the areas that need some growth is important and involves determining specific areas that can be improved such as proper marketing, identifying, and securing the professional assets.




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