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Self-Evaluation Essay | College Homework Help

The two papers focus on different topics and expound on diverse subjects that are very critical in the current world. The first article is a letter, which tends to illustrate the inspiration and process of becoming a nurse. The narration in the paper is well thought out, where there is a definite highlight on the turn of events.  The strength of this paper is that the accounts are well laid out, and the reader can follow the events up to the end. The sequence is also easy to follow. It is evident that the woman in labor was taken to hospital, despite a hard time, and managed to deliver successfully. The individual who was delivered is the recipient of the letter. However, the narration in some cases within the letter creates confusion, where many unnecessary events are highlighted.  Nevertheless, the paper is generally excellent since it is creatively written.

The second article expounds on the role of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The article expresses genuine concerns on the role of the association and questions its transparency concerning taking advantage of the athletes. The paper is well-cited with sources that have previously expounded on the subject matter. It also has well-detailed information regarding how student-athletes are mistreated and underpaid as compared to other regular students.  It is also keen on giving examples of cases where the athletes have been mistreated, or the NCCA has lied about the status of these athletes.   However, the writer fails to have a well-detailed conclusion, where he would offer the best recommendations about how to approach this issue and generate a sustainable solution.

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