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Secret Garden Book Review | Homework Help Online

The novel, The Secret Garden, is a kids’ book by British author Frances Hodgson Burnett, with the first publication in 1911. Burnett’s background in Christian Science shaped her thoughts in writing this book. The spiritual relief felt after her son’s demise due to tuberculosis is likewise apparent. The narrative is centered on a young girl called Mary Lennox, born in India to affluent parents. Mary’s lifetime in India abruptly comes to a halt due to her parents’ demise attributed to a Cholera epidemic (Turner, 2015). Therefore, she is sent to reside with her uncle, Archibald Craven, at his Yorkshire mansion. Mary’s realm drastically changes as her self-centered character and solitude torment her. She gradually opens up to life again, finding joy in new relationships and particularly the attractive mansion grounds.

Opinion on the Novel

Burnett exquisitely talks about a weighty subject concerning the human brain’s power, with easy and intellectual refinement. She gradually develops a slight mystery within the narrative, gently incorporates the thought-provoking queries, and clarifies everything in an appealing story of positivity and expectation (Gymnich & Lichterfeld, 2012). I love how revitalizing the book is, with the delightful and vivid portrayals of an orchard budding to life and the encouraging revitalization of the kids into strong and contented children. The narrative reiterates that happiness is an ideal medication for the brain and that the universe may be looked at from a different perspective.


Since the novel is majorly directed at young kids, the narration may incorporate various tone aspects to appeal to the audience. To communicate to children, the storyteller may take on the robin’s voice, providing an insight into the sentiments and emotions. The narration should have a child-like, fairy-tale tenor that is appealing and extremely innocent to recite. It is essential to read the novel as Burnett prudently directs kids into the universe’s realism but devoid of tearing apart the compelling and rich fancies.


The Secret Garden is a narrative of change through affirmative reasoning and the touch of nature. Although the novel is directed towards kids, the lessons may be applicable to every person, including grown-ups. It is about resilience and devising fresh methods of solving the prevailing challenges. The writers encourage readers to uplift themselves from undesirable circumstances through progressive reasoning.

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