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“Scientific Hypothesis” and “Scientific Theory”

Compare and Contract the Terms “Scientific Hypothesis” and “Scientific Theory”

In the very basic form, the scientific hypothesis is derived as foundation entity, i.e., the initial building block of the scientific method. The utilization of scientific hypothesis in the scientific methods provides the basis in which research and further analysis are conducted to certify the truth of the statement further. In its form, the scientific hypothesis is referred to as the “educated guess” that is informed by prior knowledge, experience, and observation of similar approaches (Andersen & Hepburn, 2015). The statement under the scientific hypothesis is designed to be designed to give more understanding and value to the focus study (Belk & Maier, 2019). Therefore, the scientific hypothesis is used to direct the researchers towards a specific focus of study.

On the other hand, a scientific theory is used in the scientific method to present an argument, statement, or explanation of the natural world that can be verified and tested severally based on the agreed scientific approaches. The testing and verification of the scientific theory are based on accepted norms and protocols of observation, assessment, measurement, and evaluation of the outcomes (Andersen & Hepburn, 2015). A scientific theory helps maintain the study under the wraps of the agreed principles and protocols of the study. A scientific theory is subject to testing and verification over and over from time to time. Thus, it is critically subjected to review and assessment to certify the authenticity and integrity of the set protocols and standards.

The understanding of scientific theory illustrates it to be careful consideration and examination of facts that have been tested and verified over and over. The scientific hypothesis is its form entails a suggested solution statement that seeks to illustrate an unexplained phenomenon. The scientific hypothesis is open for review and set to experience various testing, assessment, measurements, and evaluations in order to transform into a scientific theory (Belk & Maier, 2019). A scientific hypothesis has the potential to develop and expand into a scientific theory that has been tested, verified, and proven many times. The authenticity of a scientific theory is based on irrefutable proof and truth, while scientific hypothesis can be falsified or fail to achieve the test of truth (Andersen & Hepburn, 2015). Therefore, there is a profound difference between the terms scientific theory and scientific hypothesis in scientific methods.

In conclusion, for a scientific theory to be developed and achieved, a scientific hypothesis paves the path in which scientific methods follows all agreed protocols, standards, and principles to ascertain its truth. This is fundamental as a scientific hypothesis provides the foundation in which the scientific theory is developed using scientific methods (Belk & Maier, 2019). The scientific hypothesis provides the assumption that used for testing, analyze, and generate common trends and agreed results supported by data. The results comprise of the developed scientific theory that must be testable and verifiable when subjected to the scientific methods. Hence, certainty can be created in the aspects of scientific studies based on assumptions and possibilities.

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