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Should High School Students Be Forced To Volunteer? Annotated Bibliography

In this paper, I will explore the consequences associated with involuntary volunteering and its impact on the learner’s perspectives towards life. Involuntary volunteering affects the perspectives of students towards community service and other activities where they can contribute towards the growth and development of society. Volunteering is a personal decision that demonstrates the ability of individuals to help those in need willingly. By improving their quality of life, one gets a certain level of fulfillment that inspires them to continue extending their good deeds to other people. By focusing on the experiences of different students around the globe, this research will demonstrate the shortcoming associated with involuntary volunteering.

Part Two

Henderson, Ailsa, Steven D. Brown, and S. Mark Pancer. “Curriculum requirements and subsequent civic engagement: is there a difference between ‘forced’ and ‘free’ community service?” The British journal of sociology 70, no. 4 (2019): 1297-1322.

In many learning institutions, mandatory community service programs have been introduced with the hope of shaping the perspectives of individuals and their ability to overcome challenges hindering them from realizing their desired objectives.[1] Likewise, students should be incorporated in the development of systems that focus on molding their understanding of the programs. In this study, the findings demonstrate a discouraging trend that discourages volunteers who were molded through the mandatory approach. By comparing them to non-volunteers, the scholars identify that those who do not participate in the community service programs have a significant level of motivation compared to the students. By criticizing the approach, individuals are informed about the dangers associated with mandatory community service programs on the learner’s perspectives.

Henney, Susan M., Justin D. Hackett, and Marie Rose Porreca. “Involuntary Volunteerism: What Happens When You Require People to “Do Good?” Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education 6 (2017).

Over the years, learning institutions in the U.S. and beyond have developed an approach that compels students to participate in community service programs where they can learn about the art of giving. Unlike other activities that can be used to gain insights, charity is an event that requires commitment and dedication, where individuals are open to suggestions that can improve the other person’s lifestyle.[2] At any given time, there are individuals without access to clean water and food, which requires other people to chip in and provide their basic amenities. Although schools anticipate cultivating the culture of helping by compelling learners to participate in charity programs, it becomes impossible for them to realize the significance of being there for the other person if they are forced.

Pan, Tze-Jen. “Personal transformation through volunteer tourism: The evidence of Asian students.” Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 41, no. 5 (2017): 609-634.

By focusing on the experience of Asian students, this study evaluates the importance of volunteering and its impact on the student’s perspectives towards life. Using a qualitative approach, the scholars engage the participants and examine their personal experiences with community service programs and their contribution to the realization of change in the modern world. In many instances, the researchers established a trend among students who were exposed to the program, noting growth in their interactions and perceptions of certain events in their surrounding environment.[3] For instance, students who took part in volunteer activities were considerate of their interactions with other people in the learning environment and beyond. Likewise, many of those who were interviewed demonstrated a certain level of commitment towards their travel choices, a move that proved the impact of the programs on individual perspectives.

Spires, Anthony J. “Chinese youth and alternative narratives of volunteering.” China Information 32, no. 2 (2018): 203-223.

Unlike in the past, when volunteering was considered a good exercise, there is a growing pressure among American teens and other young people in the world to engage in acts of charity. In this regard, individuals are taught about the importance of volunteering with the hope of becoming better citizens who can improve outcomes in their immediate environment. However, in China, youths are determined to become a part of the global solutions that eradicate problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment.[4] By understanding the numerous aspects that hinder individuals from realizing their potential, volunteering programs expose learners to a challenging environment where they can make informed decisions based on the need to solve problems. By tapping into the youthful enthusiasm, students can become responsible citizens who understand the need to address various issues affecting others in their surroundings.

Bode, Leticia. “Feeling the pressure: Attitudes about volunteering and their effect on civic and political behaviors.” Journal of adolescence 57 (2017): 23-30.

In this study, the author evaluates the growing pressure among many young people in the U.S. to volunteer. In many instances, natural calamities that have taken place in Puerto Rico and other states demonstrated the impact of volunteering and its significance in the modern world. Even though individuals are unable to identify problems outside their jurisdiction, partnering with different organizations that identify cases around the globe can be an excellent opportunity for students to participate in charitable activities. Notably, exposing students to an environment where they encounter challenges faced by other people and their inability to access quality lifestyle enables learners to appreciate the efforts of those in their close circles.[5] Importantly, learners become more responsible than before because of the impact of the events on their perspectives towards life. Likewise, students appreciate their ability to afford certain aspects of life that cannot be accessed by other people.

Costello, Joyce, Fabian Homberg, and Davide Secchi. “Does coerced volunteering undermine the public service motivation of volunteers? A moderated mediation model.” (2017).

Coerced volunteering has, for long, been criticized by different individuals because of its impact on the attitude of students towards acts of charity. At any given time, volunteering is supposed to expose students to real-time events taking place around the globe and evaluating how individuals are coping with the situations. Even though it might be challenging for them, overcoming differences such as social status and identity to promote humanity has a long-term effect on the perspectives of the affected population group towards life.[6] By experiencing the problematic situations encountered by the affected population group, students can emulate good deeds during their interaction with other people. Overcoming the problems affecting people’s lifestyles by focusing on humanity is an essential aspect of existence that builds relationships. Besides, one can quickly pursue a career path that demonstrates their ability to overcome situations in their surroundings.

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