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The school achievement for children are influenced by various social and home influences such as socioeconomic status, gender, family background, parenting practices, beliefs, and peer acceptance. In recent years, policymakers have extensively focused on the various ways in which the factors beyond school influence children’s achievements and educational outcomes. This essay paper will focus on two social and home influences, parenting practices and socioeconomic status, and how they relate to school achievement.

Parenting practices

The availability and support of the parents may affect the academic achievement of their children. Ideally, close relationships and mutual understanding between children and parents positively influence a child’s skills, talents, and personality. On the other hand, an authoritative parenting style has a negative impact on the educational success of the child. Parent’s expectations of their children’s success and motivation play a significant role in educational achievement and self-esteem (Zahedani et al., 2016). Educational support and parenting behavior may cultivate a child’s learning habits and influence their academic performance.

Socioeconomic status

The Initial learning capability is primarily linked to socio and economic support in terms of resources such as books, tutors, and computers that build the literacy environment. The families’ socioeconomic status has heavily influenced student’s academic performance. Low socioeconomic status groups consist of families less likely to have time and economic resources to support their children in school (Tomul and Polat, 2013). Considerably, the fact that student’s basic needs are not being achieved; they are influenced both mentally and physically and thus cannot perform successfully in school. High socio-economic status groups are able to offer resources to their children thus facilitating greater school achievements.

The cultural norms about parenting practices influence how children are raised. The norms influence the values and beliefs that parents teach their children and the approaches used to guide the behaviors and values. Culture significantly affects socioeconomic status since it plays a significant role in shaping the outcomes and experiences of individuals (Kearney et al., 2020). Cultures have been linked to power, privilege, and control, which lead to inequities in the access of resources leading to the different social standing of a group.

Proverbs 22:6 talks about starting off children on the right path. Parents should train their children on the right path, and even when they are old, they will not depart from it. This is not much about the spiritual or moral direction of the child but rather about their talents and gifts as well as helping a child discover their path and purpose in life. Parents need to use their gifts uniquely to help children lead a positive life.


Social and home influences significantly impact the educational achievement of a child. The socioeconomic status and parenting practices affect a child’s performance and learning behavior. Students’ feelings of anxiety, negative pressure, and depression due to their socioeconomic status and parenting practices significantly impact their school achievement.

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