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Satire About US Education System | Do My Homework

Despite the emergence of complaints from most students in the United States, the system of education in the United States is a good example of how education should be dispensed globally. The country lags behind other republics such as Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Slovenia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands in terms of science, reading, and maths. With many kids crowded within public institutions of learning, the system is capable of accessing a majority of students in the class size of thirty or more students. This does not surpass the required capacity, but it is working on increasing the number of learners that have access to education.

The sole focus remains on providing high-quality education. Students who have excelled are kept in same schoolrooms for them to take their boredom and utilize it in assisting other learners that may be forgotten by the tutors. Students from low-income neighborhoods are the majority with limited funding and unengaged tutors. However, every student is granted equal opportunities all over the United States. With a restricted funding mechanism, the system of education acclimatizes by reducing “unnecessary programs,” for instance, the Special Needs program. Moreover, numerous targeted lessons assist every student in engaging the outside world, such as Trigonometry and algebra. The tutors are paid next to nothing to guarantee effectiveness when conducting their duties and also offering contracts to make it impossible to sack. This allows learners that excel in engaging in the teaching role for other learners.

In summation, the emphasis on schoolwork is intended to dampen the involvement in extracurricular undertakings, ensuring that every student is focused on learning. In general, the system of education is close to perfection. Therefore, if there is less financial aid, it allows further overcrowding of learning institutions, and tutors are paid less to highlight the significance of a better system of education.

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