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Sample of Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Federal Policy against Discrimination

The circumstances guiding situations in which a member of staff may file a discrimination charge against a proprietor was altered by the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Before the enactment of this regulation, a member of staff needed 180 days after the initially biased paycheck to report an allegation. After signing the Act, a worker requires 180 days to file claims regarding any prejudiced wage check. The act is significant as it guides corporations on being accountable on any form of refinement in places of work. Therefore, federalism can be considered as a significant feature in administration and for formulating national principles that guide all corporations regardless of their location. The law modified modes on how corporations are presumed liable for inequity as it discourages relocation to states that have lenient laws on discrimination.

Guy, M. E., & Fenley, V. M. (2014). Inch by inch: Gender equity since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 34(1), 40-58.

The article explains that checks and balances of authority are a significant phase in guaranteeing that each branch of the government is aware of its restrictions and jurisdictions. In Ledbetter v Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. case, the Supreme Court determined that Ledbetter exceeded the duration of recording an allegation. The congress then proceeded by drafting the pay act that abolishes the loopholes that encourage discrimination. Gaps illustrated that firms might not be held liable for discernment if personnel fail to discover and report the case in 180 days of the initially biased pay check. After the initial period, firms are at liberty of progressing with the discriminatory pay devoid on fear of consequences.

Takamura, J. (2014). Closing the disparity gap requires an integrated response from policy, research, and programs. Generations, 38(4), 119.

The article illustrates that the view on discrimination and equality requires alteration not just in civic policy but also in the broadcasting industry and particular interest groups. According to Takamura (2014), the term marginal will have changed by the year 2043. This means that those who are viewed as the minority will be considered and be the widely covered in the future. While the Act of 2009 and the 1938 Fair Lair Standards has offered the lawful grounds for wage parity for women, females always find it challenging to juggle between working and parenthood.

Whitehouse, S. (2013). Restoring the Civil Jury’s Role in the Structure of our Government. Wm. & Mary L. Rev., 55, 1241.

This article demonstrates the historic knowledge of the civil jury as a radical body, since the pre-revolutionary era, by outlining and ratifying the law and Bill of Rights. Secondly, it describes the latest corporate onslaughts on the civil panel and by what means a sequence of Court verdicts gives precedence to commercial concerns rather than protecting the jury. The article also elaborates on the significance of safeguarding the panel as a radical body in the government system. Lastly, it recommends phases to accomplish the objective. Whitehouse (2014) states that companies are now preferred in the justice framework as compared to the people. Within the Act, it illustrates that authority should be restored to the citizens. Extra authority to the citizens develops a check initially instilled in the laws.

Zucker, K. D., & Zucker, B. (2009). The spring of hope: Labor and employment rights in the early days of the Obama era. Labor Law Journal60(4), 210.

This manuscript reviews all executive guidelines and legislations negatively influencing the rights on Labour and employment signed by former President Obama. It also defines prospective jurisdictive Act, and analyses if the convergent estimates accessible to labor and employers are consistent pointers on whether Obama’s administration had an effect on the employment laws. According to Zucker & Zucker (2009), former President Obama drummed up support for labour principals. Sen. Barbara Mikulski restored the Ledbetter Act with anticipations of achieving an enhanced outcome. The Act of 2009 was the initial bill decreed into the constitution upon assumption of office by former President – Barack Obama.

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