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Sample essay on Criminal Law in the United States

The Constitution of the U.S. warranties the rights of every individual. Even though the Constitution shelters the matter of several rights of individuals leaving in the United States, numerous changes of the Constitution takes place in criminal rule. These alterations ensure that the constitutional rights of convicts are sheltered throughout the process of convictions. The most central changes are the Eighth, Fourth, Sixth, and Fifth Amendments (Tonry, 2014). These legal rights must be guaranteed in criminal legal matters in the United States.

I believe the Eighth Amendment is the most important; it is central in protecting the accused person’s rights. This amendment ensures that punishments and sentencing for illegal acts are just and fair in line with the offense committed (Hudson, 2016). It also ensures punishment given to the accused person should not be unusual or cruel towards any criminal, nor fines or bails be set at a huge amount that is not reasonable. This change is frequently brought up as a reason for discussion in cases where the death punishment may be a choice in the condemning ration of a trial. One of the areas of criminal law that will benefit most from these amendments is crimes committed against a person.

The central reform proposal that I can make is prison reform. A ruling of incarceration creates only a withdrawal of the basic right to freedom (van & DΓΌnkel, 2021). Imprisonment does not involve the constraint of any other human rights, excluding persons who are limited by the fact of being in jail. Prison change is essential to warrant that this standard is esteemed, the human rights of convicts are protected, and their views for communal restoration improved, in obedience with pertinent global standards and standards.

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