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Russian fashion brand of FreshDress

Section B: PAPEROutline

Type below each topic

  1. Proposed Paper Title: The title (tentative) should be precise to allow the reader to comprehend the subject matter of the

Marketing strategies of Russian fashion brand of FreshDress in order to enter in US Market

  1. Research Question or Hypothesis: State clearly what your research interest Define your research question/hypothesis and the main objectives of your research (100 words).
  • What kind of improvements on Russian marketing strategies on fashion should be made in order to enter in US Market?
  • What is the permeability of that market to new brands such as FreshDress?

The main objectives of my research focuses on the marketing strategies of fashion brands of fresh dress to enter in US market. To ascertain the competitive of the fresh dress products in the fashion industry, I will divide my objectives in three main groups including: –

  1. a) Product Condition and Public Image,
  2. b) Marketing strategies which should be applied, and
  3. c) Risks and benefits of marketing strategies

So, these three objectives will go through all the process such as finding the brand, looking through them, making the right strategies and providing risks and benefits from the strategies.

  • Review of Literature/Background: Make a synthesis of the contributions made in your research field by accredited scholars. Describe how your intended research will complement and expand on the current literature, and what contributions you intend to make to the existing knowledge (500 words).

One of the most popular industries in Russia is the clothing industry. However, top position in country or its capital Moscow earned only few companies. Very few companies even got the status «brand» (Quinn, Folsom & Garretson, 2019). The key of the brand is in the quality and fashion style. These «brands» are using marketing strategies to be one of the best in Russian speaking countries, however they cannot enter the US market. Only few people make orders on their clothes, however if the order once, they are starting to do it systematically (Mikušová & Horváthová, 2019).

Russian fashion brand that has a global appeal but limits its foreign clientele. The product has got high quality, however cannot be presented worldwide as a brand (Amed et al., 2019). Many individuals outside the Russian business environment who do not understand the language encounter difficulties when purchasing different fashion products advertised on the corporation’s Instagram feed (Karam, 2018). Language barriers affect an organization’s ability to connect with its global audience because of the influence of the first impression (Quinn et al., 2019). When customers cannot understand the standard language or the approaches one can use when placing an order, they tend to explore the product elsewhere because of the availability of different fashion industry options (Maloney, 2015).

My paper will show how to create a well-defined communication platform by the unavailability of an inclusive channel catering to the needs of the shop’s local and international audience (Alexandersson & Matlak, 2017). Understanding the changing needs of individuals creates an opportunity that can be exploited by the fashion brand in its approach when interacting with different clients. Developing a website that allows interested buyers to select their preferred fashion product and cash out is a necessary process that should be included in the shop’s business strategy (Wroe, 2019). Therefore, this paper will not just show the marketing strategies which are working in US market, however I will apply these strategies on Russian brands which cannot be located in USA.

My proposal will work because of its ability to identify existing problems and provide viable solutions the organization can implement to achieve its desired objectives. From this realization, comprehending the diverse needs of individuals influences the fashion brand’s perspectives and its ability to overcome different challenges that affect its operational performance in the business environment (Vanska, 2018).

The main difference of my paper from others is step-by-step well designed paper which will apply on real companies and show the results which I also will include in my work. For example, Kseniya Vladykina was the founder of the company «FreshDress» and still designs new collections for the brand. This company also own its atelier (Quinn et al. 2019). FreshDress keeps up its standards by making their creations up to date in the world of fashion. The brand always offers clothes with amazing design, style, and color and makes even girl feel special (Fedorova, 2018). However, only few people are buying their clothes because of lots of problems which I am going to discuss, find solutions and provide feedback (Butchart, 2018). It is not going to be just based on literature from the Internet. It is going to be full research with great results which Russian brands will start to use after my paper will be finished (Kirsanova n.d.).

  1. Research Methodology: Clearly indicate the methods and techniques which you are planning to use to gather information and investigate the identified problem.

The research is informed by the use of primary data that is developed from different contexts. First, I am going to go through Public Image as it is my specialization. So, I will provide description of Russian brands in Instagram and website or other platforms as well as customer satisfaction and level of engagement in different platforms. After that, I am going to find out the marketing strategies and apply them. After one month, I am going to provide results and discuss benefits and risks of strategies on real example. I will speak with customers and employees, make orders and from all this information I am going to make the results. Hence, this is designed to provide vast diverse information that informs the functionalities of market performance and customer perception on the FreshDress products.

  1. Selected Bibliography: Please indicate a representative list of the main bibliographical sources you intend to utilize for your dissertation (no more than 20). Please provide full citations.

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  1. Research and Writing Timeline: Indicate your expected research timetable: starting date, research time, data analysis time, writing time, editing time, date of first draft submission, expected defense time. You may use a Gantt chart.


Starting Date: September,1

Research time:  two months (September,1-  November,1) I would like to take into consideration Black Friday Also,

Data Analysis time: one week ( November,1-  November,8)

Ending time: November,8

First draft submission: November,15.


  • Ethics: How does your research relate to the ethical aspects of your subject matter?


I need to look through ethics of communication between employees and customers as well as between employees. The main difference between shop and brand is not just quality but ethical aspects and customer satisfaction as well. To ascertain the research compliance with ethical standards, all data provided will require a consent from the persons involved in the data collection process. Therefore, ethical standards of the research is critical and vital to the paper.

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