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Role of Women in Society | Sociology Homework Help

Traditionally, women have been portrayed by many scholars as inferior than men and subjects under the control of the superior human beings. On that account, historically, women took (have always taken) the lead role in being the primary children and home caretakers (Singh, 59). This makes women to serve as the fulcrum of families a key entity of the society. The role of women was profoundly limited to taking care of the family, husband and babies. However, a few exceptions have existed throughout history with women taken the lead role in the society as powerful priestesses, warriors, and political leaders. For centuries, the European kingdoms were ruled and led by women as Queens and the princesses of loyal family (Singh, 59). This shows that, despite the overall inferior role given to women in the society, some occupied crucial positions in the society.

Over the years, the role of women in society has changed drastically. There is profound improvement in equality and equity on the role women occupies in the society. Through the transformation of human rights, gender equality and equity, and empowerment – even in rural and remote areas around the world has seen women take lead positions in the society (Singh, 60). Women empowerment and reform of education policies has played a key role in changing the perception and position occupied by women in society. For example, in today’s world, women take leadership positions, organizations, communities, among other spheres. This has become an acceptable norm that women can be leaders. The ownership of property, land, and businesses allows women to take a significant role in these spheres. This has been attained through the expansion of feminism views and perceptions that hold women as powerful being that can play an integral role to the growth and development of the society (Gemberling, 52). Hence, enhance their role as equal to that of women.

Throughout history, women have suffered a great deal of abuses subjected to them. Some of the abuses women have been subjected to include emotional and verbal abuses, sexual exploitation; coercion, and human trafficking, physical abuse, harassment, dating violence, financial abuse, among others. In the hands of women and the society, women have been denied an opportunity to thrive or live independently (Krantz and Garcia-Moreno, 818). These prompted women to be viewed as objects of pleasure for men. An abuse of women in the society, denial of free will to make independent choices, and live under the thumb of a man.

Despite profound improvement in laws and protection of women in the society, extensive abuses have persisted to date. Women are among the vulnerable groups in the society that leave them exposed for harassment, exploitation, and abuses. This is similar to the past practices that left women vulnerable and at the mercy of men. In societies such as Saudi Aribia, women rights are grossly violated an illustration of lack of utmost gains on the matter. However, feminism has impacted profoundly on the changes and gains women have attained in different societies around the world (Gemberling, 53).

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