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Review Sample White Paper

  1. About white paper

The sample WP robot paper is a technical white paper. The paper clarifies the issue of robots, which are vital for helping people with autism communicate better (Canright communications , 2011). The white paper has detailed information regarding the robots and their role in providing solutions.

  1. The best aspect of the paper

The most notable aspect of the paper is articulating the significant points regarding the solution to people living with autism. The paper has comprehensive e information, past resources, and future recommendations for the use of robots in helping people living with autism live better.

  • Areas that would benefit from more research and more citing of sources

It is apparent that in the previous approaches section, there is a need for more in-depth research and the use of more citations to make it more comprehensive to the reader. The first area is on the role-playing subsection, which lacks any citation. Citing the section could help a reader have a broader grasp of the subject matter and better compression. The second section that needs more research is the social stories, which would require additional sources to provide a thorough analysis of what it entails, to make it more credible.

  1. A grammar error in the executive summary

There is a grammar error in the executive summary, where the writer uses the word it’s instead of its. The sentence should read,” each exhibiting its own set of challenges.”

  1. Why there is a need for additional graphics?

Additional graphics are vital for the white paper in that they supplement the information in place. The graphical aids may include pictures, charts, and illustrations, which can help the reader comprehend the details of the written information (Cardillo, 2017). A section that would require additional graphics is the “new findings’ sections.

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