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Retail Website Quality Essay Example | Leading Homework Helpers

Nordstrom Incorporation (https://shop.nordstrom.com/) and Macy (https://www.macys.com/) are leading fashion retailer offering clothing and shoes to men, women, and children. The two companies are competitors in the fashion industry and strive to eclipse each other in terms of sales. This has led to the integration of e-commerce in their businesses, where the two companies have set up their retail websites where they operate online sales. However, the two websites offer different perceptions in terms of information relayed, ease of use, visual appeal, and transaction procedures.


Both websites are easy to access and operate as they both seamlessly offer the customer the best user experience in terms of navigation in search of a product. The information displayed on the Nordstrom Inc. has more information on the company and its products; hence the user finds it more compelling to shop in the company rather than Macy’s whose design distracts the user hence taking away the shopping experience. Both websites have effective search engines; hence the website displays the products using the keywords used by the customers (Loureiro, Cavallero and Miranda, 2018). In terms of transaction procedures, Nordstrom Inc. has a competitive edge as they operate a banking segment offering Nordstrom Visa Cards, which the user can use efficiently to complete a transaction while Macy offers the standard transaction procedures of credit cards. The Nordstrom Inc. approach can increase loyalty to online users.


Nordstrom website should have clear policies regarding its flagship project of having customers use the company’s branded visa cards as this will provide a safe environment for the users in regard to their privacy. Macy’s website should have a simpler design as the clustering makes the customer lose interest in the products due to the many procedures involved in a complicated website system. The companies should integrate a system on their website where there is a seamless checkout experience. This involves customers build their profiles and store their payment methods and address hence speed up the time a customer has to spend on the website.

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